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Litter box training
by Lucy C.
Litter box training I just wanted to share something with other new Maltese owners a method of housebreaking your fur baby that is an alternative to paper training. I have used a litter box rather than wee wee pads. I know this sounds like a joke but this method, once reserved for their feline cousins, has been effective for my Maltese Tammy for the past few weeks. It is not only cheaper than wee wee pads, but easier to clean up and convenient for apartment dwellers or those who do not own a backyard. Tammy also loves to run her paws through the litter before she does "her business". I have only used the high quality litter since it has odor fighting substances and additionally, everything clumps up so that it makes cleaning much easier. I'll keep everyone updated on this. Good luck!


Lucy,Just be careful that your little doll doesn't lick her paws and ingest a lot of that litter. I hear it's really bad for them.

Hello all! This is such a wonderful group. I just Love it! My Maltese "Shayna" has been using a litter box since She was a pup and she is 2 years old now. It has worked out great. I got her the litterbox that came with the plastic grate (which is used for the fine litter and the grate is used to clean the litter box easier) I place litter in the bottom of the litter box and place newspaper on top of the litter then I place the plastic grate on top of that. This way her paws stay out of the litter and she doesn't sneeze from smelling the litter. When Shayna goes #2 I just pick it up with toilet paper and in the toilet it goes! I have placed 3 litter boxes in separate areas of the house that way she has a choice of which one to go potty in and which one to go poop in since she doesn't like to do both in the same litter box. Hope to hear from other Maltese lovers who have also trained their little ones to use the litter box as well.
I started training Avery to a regular litter box when she was only about 10 weeks old. When I first brought her home, it was cold and rainy, and snowy outside. We'd go stand out there and she would shake, so we'd come back in and she would immediately go on the carpet. That's why I started with litter and box. I live in an apartment, and it has worked wonderfully. She uses it all of the time, and when I go visit friends, I just take it with me. Good Luck! It was a life saver for us!!!
At 10 mo I litter trained Sophie. It is great for rainy weather and traveling. Although she has several to choose from, she still strongly prefers to do no. 2 outside, which is sometimes difficult to arrange with el nino. My most seriousproblem is that she likes to eat it. I have tried everything I can thinkof from these oral enzymes that just give her diarrhea to snatching it away and flushing it down the toilet in time, but sometimes during the night while I am sleeping I slip up. She makes a terrible mess and smells awful. Any suggestions?
Tess, I've heard that stool eating is caused from stress. There has been alot written on it, but not much in the way of stopping it. Prevention is best. And that's hard!! I would check in with my vet first. Could be a digestive tract upset or something.My best behavior books suggest not letting the dog see you clean it up. Do it secretly!! And never reprimand! If you see him eliminate, immediately get his mind on something else....a ball or something...and act very UP UP UP!!(jolly routine). Had you given him a new food just before this started? Sometimes their systems can't handle this new food; it passes undigested and then is eaten. Also it will help if you feed twice a day, being sure to keep the food and amounts consistent. Good luck!
thank you ann. Have tried all that you suggested. Problem of eating her excrement has existed since I got her at 10 weeks and is now diminishing but not gone. Am open to any suggestions from anyone. Help. Also have read various suggestions regarding keeping the eyes from getting the brown "rust" discoloration, including rubbing tear ducts, h202, pretty eyes and other dog drops for that purpose, plus corn powder and avoiding foods with red tint. othing working. anything that really works?

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