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Taking dog to work, etc
by Tracy B.
Taking dog to work, etc Hi all! I've been a lurker for a few months now as I don't have a maltese - yet! This site is the best! I would like to hear from those of you who take your baby with you as you're out and about. Do you take your fur baby into stores? Or just for rides and leaving them in the car when you go in? Also, is there anyone out there that takes their dog to work? My husband and I work in his family's business ( I just work part-time there). This would be nice to do eventually. I like to hear your stories!

Also, I've been hesitant about getting a puppy since I do work part-time (2 days one week/3 days the next). I was thinking that an older dog (6 months to 2 years) would be better. Maybe I'm over-thinking this whole thing. I live in St. Louis and it is very difficult to find a reputable breeder in my area. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for all the great info. I've learned so much!!


Tracy, I think that you have an ideal working hours to welcome a puppy into your life. You will have plenty of time to work on potty-training, etc. Concerning the dog in the workplace, I have taken Mali to work with me several times. (Mine also is a family-owned business). I can shut my office door, put her WeeWee pad on the floor, and get her a bowl of water and we're fine. She does get bored and wants me to hold her more than I can, but basically it works out fine. You have found the right place for information and support (this is THE BEST website!) Good luck to you and let us know when/if you get a fur-baby!
Jackie Smith

O'K, I haven't got started with the taking Phoebe everywhere yet, because of weather and other constraints. BUT - for years I took my Yorkie all over the plae. We like to go on day trips and I took him always, into antique shops mostly, but for errands around town I left him home.

I managed an accounting firm for years and took his little pen in and made it small enough to fit in a spot by my desk - he loved being near me and loved people, but when tax season got into swing I left him at home - why? Because frankly I had to do a lot of running back and forth from one office to another and discoverd on more than one occaision that clients were lifting him up, grown men thought it ws 'cute' to bark at him (which irritated him and me to no end), and letting kids poke through the wire.... This terrified me! So I left him at home for his safety and my own sanity - he did just fine. I now am home most of the time, but do have errands to run now and then and Phoebe does just fine with a radio on and being in her pen with all her amenities. They are very adaptable! Good luck and let us know what you decide.
Leslie R

Hi Tracey- My dog(s) come to work with me and my husband every day. We also own our business so we are able to do this. Shoshoni our large dog greets all the customers as they come in. When I have one of my Maltese with me they normally hang out on top of my desk and play on the computer with me, as people go by they say "oh how cute look at the little dog" As far as taking them places I am very careful never to take them anywhere where I would have to leave them in the car. But they do go to Petsmart, Home Depot and recently went Big screen tv shopping, The Maltese was the hit of the store.
Kathy S.
Dear Tracy; Welcome! To answer your many questions...

Sure, my Otto goes everywhere with me. I think it is real bad to leave a little doggie in the car - even for a short time. So, just take them with you when you go into a shop, etc. Everyone loves little fuzzy dogs!

Some days he goes to work with me - but I am a professor at an art college. my students love to pamper him. I am at my studio a lot, so he just hangs out there with me. I leave him home alone for from 4 to 9 hours in the kitchen twice a week when I can't take him with and he is just fine while I am away.

It sounds like you would be a perfect candidate to have a little tag-along buddy at work. After all, it is your family business - not like you work for some mean ogre who hates doggies! Good luck on getting your puppy!

Hi Tracy! I work full time and have two Maltese, Bailey and Buddy. I got both of them as puppies, Bailey at 8 weeks, and Buddy at about 4 months. When they were really young, I had a neighbor or a family member check up on the pups a couple of times a day, to take them out, etc. I wish I had gotten Buddy when he was younger, but he was sort of inherited (but that's another long story!) I think the dog bonds more with you more, and is a little easier to train when you get them young. Buddy had learned some bad habits that were difficult to break. I also live in St. Louis, PLEASE be careful when looking for a Maltese in Missouri! There are TONS of puppy mills in Missouri, most of them advertise in the weekend newspaper. When you call them, they pretend to be loving, kind, concerned breeders, but after you talk to them for a while, you quickly find out the truth. I even had one man who said he was a Maltese breeder, ask me what color Maltese I wanted!!! Also, please stay away from a woman who lives in Southern Missouri, and says she will meet you half-way to St. Louis, she breeds ANY little white dogs (poodles, bischons, westies, etc.) and calls them Maltese. I got Bailey from a WONDERFUL breeder in Bon Terre, Missouri, which is only about an hour from St. Louis. I will give you her name and number if you are interested. I highly reccommend her as a reputable breeder. She will show you the mother, where she raises them, teach you how to take care of your puppy. When I first met her, SHE interviewed ME to see if she would trust me with one of her maltese! When I went to pick Bailey up, I spent about 3 hours with her and the puppy, while she went through the care needed of this breed, papers, etc. It was a great experience, and I regularly keep in touch with her through photos, letters, and phonecalls. Bailey is now a BEAUTIFUL 2-1/2 year old, 6 pound, wonderful pet!
Take my Maltese to work? Yes....I take her everywhere I can. Sometimes she just rides along in my shoulder bag with her little head peeking out. Couldn't believe the one day the security guard at the post office asked me to leave as the sign said "no pets allowed". Honestly, some people are so small minded. Everyone loves her and no one else has ever asked me to remove her from the premises. I work at a Music Store where I sell piano's and teach piano lessons. One day a week I bring her with me and she loves the attention. While I teach lessons she sleeps on her little blanket next to the piano. Needless to say the children I teach especially love her and I imagine it will be something they always remember. My Maltese and I have also become pet partners through the Delta Society and once a week visit a local Nursing Home. She loves going everywhere with me and I love taking her anywhere I can. She is truly my constant companion.
Hi Ellyn,Yes! Yes! Yes! I'd love the name/number of the breeder in Bon Terre. Here's my email address: markb@fclass.net Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Tracy B.
I also take Sophie to work occassionally. I am a secretary at a private school, and she loves the attention from all of the children! Any time we go somewhere and she sees children, her little tail starts wagging like the wings of a humming bird and she barks and prances all over the place! Everyone calls her "Little Nurse Sophie" because when an ill child comes into the office to lay down, she goes and lays on a cot next to them and gives them lots of love. She also helps me determine who is faking or not. If she gets up and starts running around and they start chasing after her, then back to the classroom they go! If you can chase around this little bundle of energy, then you are well enough to be in class!
Tracy,I e-mailed you the name of my breeder, vet, and groomer today. Good luck! Keep us posted!

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