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Vitamin Supplements?
by Linda K
Vitamin Supplements? What is the opinion on vitamin supplements? I had Dexter on Linatone tablets and when his eyes got bad I did the paper test on one of the pills and was amazed how red the paper became! He is off now and I do notice some improvement but I do think some supplement is good even though he is on a premium dog food. i would appreciate some suggestions.Linda and Dexter


If they are on a good quality dog food, they generally don't need any supplements. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Giving vitamins and minerals when they get a well balanced diet can cause health problems. However, dog foods can lose some nutrients from processing and storage, and all dogs have different needs. Some with skin or other health problems do benefit from increasing particular nutrients or changing the diet. I wouldn't give my dogs any supplements without approval or recommendation from my vet.

Linda: Lately I have been thinking about vitamins for the Girls, but have been so busy getting little Shayna back on her feet haven't ask anyone what they suggest. Both my Hubby and I talk all kinds of Vitamins, so why wouldn't vitamins be good for the dogs too? But, what kind to give them?
Linda, Please discuss this issue with your vet. A good premium food will have all of the necessary nutrients so that supplements are not needed. If your baby has no health problems, giving additional vitamins and supplements can be dangerous if you are already feeding your baby a food containing everything he needs.
April B.
I started Phoebe on vitamins a few weeks ago for many reasons & we are having no problem with them, but then they are nearly beige in color and do pass the test as far as bleeding over with color. I chose a supplement that gives her fatty acids for her skin and coat, vitamin C for immune and joint mobility, and so on. I read labels until I thought I would dream about them! Finally found Vita-Treat in our local PetSmart & they are made of human grade ingredients in an oat bran base. The label says to give one tablet to dogs under twenty pounds, but as she is under four I have cut them all in half. There are so many out there & this is as tough a decision as to what food to feed. They do have a website, if you are intereseted I can pass that along.... I also know that Foster & Smith carry a wide selection of vitamin supplements.
Leslie R
Tessie takes her medications every-other-day in about a tablespoon of Nutrical. She just loves the stuff and is still thriving although she has to take the cortisone every-other-day and has been doing so for 7 years. I can't help but wonder if the vitamins supplements in the Nutrical haven't positively contributed to her wellbeing.
Ever since Avery was tiny, I have had her on Melaluca's Procare Nutritional Treats for Dogs. She gets one every day, loves them, and they are extremely good for her. You might want to check into it. They are not too expensive - 7.95 - 9.80 per 100 tablets. If you would like to know specific contents, just send another message, and I'll be glad to send that to you.
Linda, I too have been thinking about supplments, I just received my new copy of AKC Gazette. Inside is a very good artical from Bobbie Linden of Ca.. She mentions a food that requires no supplements. It is called Innova Brand. I have never heard of this brand but think it might be worth looking into.
Mary P
Mary P; Innova also makes California Natural with CA Natural having lamb and rice, the Innova I believe is chicken. Dexter is on CA Natural and loves it. It is hard to find and believe it or not last time I bought a 20 lb bag and froze it freezer bags. Works great and is cheaper.
Linda King
Thanks for all your suggestions, once again ask a question here and good ideas come forth. I agree that vitamins are good for people and also for dogs. Although Dexter gets CA Natural each day, he doesn't always eat and good meal especially now during teething. I will try your suggestions and report back.
Linda K
Mary, you mentioned Innova brand dog food. I'm in the process of switching Baxter to it right now. I've tried before to get him off canned food (so sorry I ever started with that) to a dry kibble. This is the first he actually will eat. We're down to very little canned mixed with Innova dry. Rudy, due to allergies and sensitive skin, has been successfully switched to California Natural which is made by the same company (I think). They both offer canned food, too. They're all natural and you do not need vitamins with this food (I'm told). I'm really glad to hear Bobbie Linden endorses it. It's only available at certain distributors. I'll give you the information on the company off the bag if you want. I'd give it now, but I'm at work (shhhhh!) and it's at home. Let me know or perhaps someone else has it readily available.
Leslie, I'd be very interested in that web site. I've got all three of my girls on Innovative vegetable dry food and I supplement with meat (turkey this week...we're dealing with allergies)and green, red and yellow vegetables as well as fruit. I've talked to my vet (one here in FL and another in Atlanta) and they agreed that vitamins E and C would be good for them. My doctors have "prescribed" the same for me....as well as folic acid, B,and some others. I can't give some dog vitamins because of the fish oil. I wonder if the ones you mentioned from PetSmart contain fish oil? There's something new in the vet news every day!
I also use Melaleuca's Procare Nutritional treats (in addition to feeding a quality dog food). I started both of my dogs on them last fall, mainly because Sunny is a puppymill rescue and with the numbers of litters she bore, was concerned about the amount of nutrients that were robbed from her all those years. Within a couple of months I noticed a great improvement with both dogs, especially in Sebastian's coat -- used to be extremely fine and wispy, now it has thickened up a bit and has grown longer. I also started Sunny on glucosamine supplements for minor arthritis pain and notice she is not as stiff and doesn't limp anymore.
Mary Ellen
Innova and California Natural pet food information can be found at www.naturapet.com
P.S. Rudy's constant itching has almost disappeared since I have switched him to California Natural over the past two weeks.
Hi to all ! The BEST thing you can give your babies is "MISSING LINK' cost per lb between 13.50 at KV 's and $ 17.50 at certain groom shops, it's made for people too ! 800-774-7387 ask for the nearest dealer to you ! I buy 40 lbs at the time since I have 15 of them !It is very GOOD STUFF ! It also helps lighten and whiten their tear stained faces ...wow ! KV catalogue 800-423-8211
Renee, I had heard so much about the Missing Link that I bought some ($22 for a lb I think). I bought the vegetarian for cats and dogs. Unfortunately, the first time I used it, my cat, Maxine, and my puppy, Rudy, threw up. I used a smaller dose than was recommended. I will say, however, that the company seemed very good about a refund. I haven't received it yet, but it hasn't been long enough for a refund to arrive.

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