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help with matting & neutering
by Dan Cross
help with matting & neutering I have a one year old male that I shampoo once a week, more often if soiled, with baby shampoo & use an inexpensive human conditioner. I brush him daily, often multiple times a day. I just had him neutered day-before yesterday.
1) Matting is happening faster than I can brush him. What do you suggest?
2) How soon can I bathe him after his surgery?
3) What kinds of care should I provide in his recovery?


Hi Dan. First of all, maybe you should buy a more expensive conditioner to use on him so than his hair will not mat so easily. There is a product called Pet Silk that is excellent. That is what I use on my 3 girls. I think you may be brushing him too much and that is the reason his hair is matting. You said you sometimes brush him multiple times per day-this can really dry out the coat and mats will form easier on a dry coat. As far as bathing after surgery, my vet said to wait until the stitches are removed. The care to provide after neutering would be to listen to your vet, don't let him jump up or down ( like up on the couch and back down ), and pet him and talk softly to him and keep him as comfortable as possible. Good Luck.

Well, Dan - I think you are definitely using the wrong shampoo, human shampoo is the wrong PH for dog hair and will dry it out and not do much for the skin either. You need to buy a dog shampoo that will moisturize the coat and use a moisturizing conditioner & creme rinse - detangler. I use a cocunut oil base conditioner/detangler that really works very well - it's Unicoat and available at most pet stores. Yes, dog shampoo may seem to be expensive, but really it lasts a long time and it wors so much better! You could be bathing too often as well. If your pup has the cottony coat then it will be prone to matting and you might want to keep it cut short.

You should wait about ten days before bathing after the surgery.
Leslie R

Like the other post you have seen it's the shampoo and conditioner that is probably your problem with the matts. I also use a grooming spray at times called The Stuff you can buy it in a bottle already mixed or buy the concentrate and mix it yourself I have seen it suggested that you use a mister of water when you are brushing so I usually use the stuff on alternate days it has also been said to me that the stuff helps repel dirt but since my baby doesnt go outside often I havent really tested this I just know it seems to make her soft coat even softer and easier to manage. You may be drying your babies coat and skin with the human shampoo or it may have allergies and scratching either from dry skin from the shampoo and conditioner that you have been using or allergies may be the reason for all the matts. Hope this helps.

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