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Painful bowel movements
by Chris
Painful bowel movements Help! This morning my little guy Sarge had a terrible time going to the bathroom --again. He spins around crying and grabbing at his tail. He even bit his tail this morning. The vet has checked his anal glands and there doesn't seem to be a problem. He's not constipated--although the first part of his movement is hard, by the time he is finished it is almost too loose. The vet and I are at a loss and I'm worried about the little guy. Any ideas?


Chris, I am wondering if dogs, like Sarge, can have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Its weird that I came here tonight after doing some extensive searching on this subject for myself. I don't know if dogs can have this, but I would sure ask your vet about it. Good luck!
Robin K.

Any idea what he might have eaten ? I once had a dog get into vanilla extract which had fallen out of the refrigerator...what pain.....try giving Phillips Milk of Magnesia and see how that goes ! Has he been checked for parasites ? Try feeding a very bland diet for two days..Gerber Baby rice mixed with baby chicken or veal..good luck and let us hear back !
Chris, did he eat something he shouldn't have? Maybe the vet needs to x-ray to find out. Just a thought.
Libby & Buster
Chris, while Rudy (5 1/2 mos old) doesn't seem to have pain when he goes, his stools are like Sarge's in that they start out hard and sometimes end up loose by the time he's done. He's been this way off and on since I've had him and I haven't seen any cause for alarm. I'm interested to hear what the gang has to say about your post.
The only thing I can think of is some sort of bowel irritation... could he have eaten something he shouldn't have? Maybe something that is sharp or rough that is causing a problem? Or could it be the food? What kind of tests did your vet do and what did he rule out (other than anal glands)? I'd say if your vet is stumped, and the problem continues, then you should consider consulting another vet. I do hope this clears up soon, the must be uncomfortable for him.
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