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Licking of the paws-Tears
by Sharisse
Licking of the paws-Tears My mom has a small mixed breed maltese/bichon(we adopted Toby at a local shelter). We have hade him for three years, and he has just started licking his paws, and his eyes are tearstaining. We took Toby to the vet and she said that he could be allegic to the perservatives in his dog food. We have swithed to a lamb & rice dogfood, and only give natural treats (such as baby carrots). This has not helped. The bitter apple does not stop Toby from licking his paws. Can anyone help? We are desperate to help our lovable little friend, any advice is helpful. Thanks!


He could be allergic to something else (grasses, pollen, dust mites, insects, fibers, etc.), or it could be that you haven't given the new food enough time. It takes up to 8 weeks to notice changes in food allergies after switching diets. So give it a bit of time, and if doesn't work, back to the vet for more testing and evaluation. I know it can get expensive, but unless you find the cause, you won't be able to stop the problem. It could also be boredom or stress related, so try changing his toys and chew items around, teach him a new trick or game, walk him to different places, and generally interacting with him more.

All commercial dog foods probably contain preservatives. Some dogs are allergic to corn. You can have the dog tested to find out what he is allergic to (it's not cheap). There is a dog food called Nature something that I think does not contain preservatives. You can get it at PETsMART or Petco. Check out the ingredients on the packaging. It has to say NO PRESERVATIVES.
They're right about the allergies, etc. Antihistimines can help but don't get to the root of the problem.Aimee, I have a cocker mix who is allergic to so much...so the tests say. I think she may be allergic to prservatives, etc: Do you have any information? I have just begun switching her to a natural diet (our food)and am presently supplementing with Nature's Choice Veggie diet. I need to get all the way off the preservatives, though. I think the one someone was referring to is Nature's Recipe. GaddyByrd is allergic to a few pollens (not many)and to most protein sources...again, so the tests show. Her main problem is with her anal glands. YUK!! You mentioned 8 weeks on the same diet, etc, etc...give me more info if you have it!!!! Help! Thanks.

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