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Liver Protein Problems
by Teddy
Liver Protein Problems I've been told that my boys have a liver protein problem which is usually fatal. Evidently, the liver filters protein but, for Chip and Benji only half of their blood goes thru their liver. Therefore, I have them on Prescription Diet KD (low protein). They are now 3 1/2 and seem to be thriving. They get no table scraps just the KD and they love vegetables. Does anyone out there know of this problem? How have your babies done? What are the long term effects? Any info would be appreciated.


On many affected dogs, surgery can be performed, but it is rather expensive - $2000 to $2500 at UC Davis Veterinary School, including extra testing done before the surgery. There is supposed to be a 85%+ success rate. I wish you and your fur-babies well.
Tricia R.

Thanks Tricia. Those articles were very helpful. The boys don't seem to have any of those symptoms (yet) but I'll keep my eye out. They are both thriving - although Chip eats like every meal is his last. Benji is 6 1/2 pounds and Chip is 5 which seems about normal. They are happy little critters and have me very well trained!
I am sorry to hear that both of your little guys have this liver problem. Were they both having symptons and problems? I only had experiance with this liver problem one time and I pray I will never go thru it again. Most of the time the symptons show up at less than 10weeks of age. after being off mothers milk about 1week. My little Simba was 7 weeks old when I brought him home on Christmas eve. On Christmas day he started acting very listless and was not eating. I had an emergency appt with a vet on Christmas day. To make a very long sad story short, my little boy died 3 weeks later at 10weeks of age. He weighed only 1/2 pound when he died due to the liver problem, the last week of his life I knew the end was near and stopped taking him in to the vet daily for IV's and I justed loved him and cuddled him and tried to let him know how much he is loved. His last week of life his seizures were constant. At your little guys age it seems like they are stronger and can survive the surgery. This was not an option for my Simba. I wish you all the luck and will pray for your boys. Let us know how they are doing.
Diana Marie
As Chip and Benji get older they may have to start antibiotics to depress the colon. This was our alternative to surgery we couldn't afford. Arthur Guy will be 4 yeard old on May 16th and is still as happy and playful as a puppy. He takes his meds for 7 days and then off for 12. We had to start them early just after the holidays. People were sneaking the "poor baby" treats. He is such an actor. He is on the KD too.

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