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Heather Has Arrived!
by Sandy (Shelby & Heather)
Heather Has Arrived! I'm excited to say that out new little maltese girl (Heather)has arrived. This is the five year old little deaf girl that was posted in the advert. section of MalteseOnly that we were fortunate enough to adopt. We picked her up at the airport this afternoon! She did exceptionally well; I'm so proud of her. What a traumatic afternoon she has had. She had to leave her human mom of five years, get on an airplane, and come live with people and pups that's she's never seen before. She's as sweet as she can be! She's sleeping on the end of our bed right now, totally exhausted i'm sure.

She got on fine with our other two fur babies Shelby and Casey, even tho she did get tired of their constant sniffing and gave a couple of low growls (as she's deaf, I don't know if she intended those to be out loud or not). Anyway, she's great. She's quite a bit bigger then 4 lb. Shelby, Heather is approx. 9 lbs. I'm hoping they'll get to be great friends and play well together. Shelby and Casey play a little but Casey is a mixed blonde lab/golden retriever and rather big so we monitor their play time closely. I think that Shelby and Heather will be able to do some great romping around together!

Well, I've carried on long enough but couldn't wait to tell you all that she's here and she's wonderful!


Congratulations! I'm so glad she made it ok. Its nice that Shelby will have a playmate closer to her size... good luck with the new addition to your furry family.

Congratulations Sandy! So glad to hear that things are 'so far - so good'! With your love and devotion I just know that Heather will adjust quickly and settle into your family. Best of luck to all of you!
Leslie R
Sandy, It's so nice to hear happy stories. I'm glad that Heather has made it to you alright and seems so happy. Good luck.
Congratulations! It takes a special person to do what you did ! I know the rewards will be great !
You all are going to get tired of hearing from me but I had to give this update. Nikki (formally Heather) and my 13 year old son David have bonded like they've been together forever! They are inseparable! David likes the name Nikki better so we're changing it (it doesn't really matter to her as she is deaf and doesn't respond to a name anyway). This is great for Nikki but especially so for David as he is thrilled to have his own, special little fur baby.

Nikki is doing wonderfully so far, especially considering she must be mourning her previous family. David is keeping her very busy taking her for long romps outdoors, playing with her and carrying her around!

Nikki's deafness doesn't seem to be much of an issue. She knows certain hand signs (come, stop, shhh) and David is planning on teaching her a lot more! Sorry to carry on so long but this is so exciting! We'll keep you posted!

PS - Thank you MalteseOnly (Jay & Bev). If it wasn't for MalteseOnly and the advertiser, we never would have known about this sweetie!
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)

Buter and I are so happy for you. We wish you all the luck in the world.
Libby & Buster
Sandy!! I am so happy for you and for Heather!!! She sounds wonderful, I am even excited!!! I was glad to hear she made the trip ok, poor baby, I bet she is exhausted! This is great news and I am so glad you let us know!! Keep us posted on how things are going. You will truly be blessed I am sure!!
Robin K.
Sandy, congratulations on your new arrival and new addition to your family. I'm sure she will bring sunshine into your every day, these babies are truly special!
Bailey and I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to you, Shelby, Casey and especially special little Nikki - sounds like she won't have any problem adjusting to her new wonderful, loving home. You've done a really great thing and I'm sure you will be rewarded ten fold. Lots of Luck.
Robin D.
I was wondering how this adoption was going! Glad to hear she has arrived and seems to be settling in quite nicely. I'm sure her former owner is so relieved everything is going so well. You're very special people...
Congratulations. I know you have been waiting for this day. Glad to hear all is going well with Nikki and the rest of the family. Keep up posted on she's doing.
Kathy S.
Congratulations! I am sure that you will be blessed by your new little sweetie. I agree--keep us posted with all the stories! Have fun!
Dear Sandy, Shelby, & Nikki and Human Family: We want to wish you congratulations and best wishes with your new addition. How wonderful for all of you. KoKo and Shayna send lots of wags and licks.

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