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maltese and allergies
by susan
maltese and allergies I have been told that Maltese are allergy-free dogs. Could someone please tell me about this? I have allergies as does one of my children.


Hi Susan, I have allergies and I have 2 maltese and a poodle and I don't have any problems at all. As far as maltese being allergy free dogs I can tell you what my allergist says about this. He said there is no such thing as an allergy free dog. All dogs have dander and that is what produces the allergy symptoms in people allergic to dogs. Although some people with allergies to dogs seem to be fine with dogs with hair(such as the maltese) instead of a dog with fur(such as a Lab). If you know someone with a maltese you and your child should spend some time around the dog and see how you both feel. That would be better than buying one based on what you've heard about them being allergy free and taking the chance that one or both of you is allergic. Than you wouldn't be able to keep the dog and that wouldn't be fair to the dog and would be heartbreaking for you and your child as well. I hope you find out you can have a maltese. He or she will become another child to you as this breed is one of the most special breed there is(that's my opinion). Good Luck!

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dear susan: when i was a child i was severly allergic and we were told the only dog i could have was a poodle. i have since out grown my allergies. i now have a maltese and she is the love of my life, next to my husband,poodle and lhasa apso. i can tell you this - the maltese is the best breed if you want another child! by this i mean - she needs to be the center of attention and is the family clown. while our other two just want to lay on the couch and be left alone. don't get me wrong we love them all, but our next puppies will be maltese. the are the greatest! if anyone wants to talk about their maltese please e-mail us.

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