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Eye Allergy
by Barbara Davis
My Eye Alergy I got my puppy on Nov 1 and she is now almost 5 months old. About a month ago by eyes started burning, itching and turning bright red. You should see me, I look like I am crying all the time and I am really uncomfortable. I have been to my eye doctor and she said that yes I am having some kind of allergy attack in my eyes and that it looks horrible, bumps under my eyelids from the irritation, etc. Nothing has changed at my house EXCEPT my new puppy. No new make-up, pillows, detergents etc. My question to you good helpers out there is this-have you ever heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to their puppy that was like this. I have no rashes, no runny nose. I will be so sad if I have to give up this puppy. She is with me a lot of the time and does sleep with my husband and me. I am going crazy because I am really uncomfortable and I look awful too! Does anyone out there have any ideas or has anyone else had this experience. I surely would appreciate some advice. Thanks so much.


Hi Barbara, I think you should get a second opinion about what is wrong with your eyes. I have allergies too and I'm allergic to dogs but I have no problems around my 2 maltese and my poodle. Whenever I go around my sister's dog-a Lab-my eyes itch and water and my nose gets all congested but I've never experienced anything like you describe. Do you wear contacts? My husband had a similar eye problem with his contacts. Also some things to ask yourself before you think it is the dog your allergic to-Could it be any product you use on the dog such as shampoo, conditioner, flea powder or maybe something you bought for the dog? It's best to rule out everything else first and if it does turn out to be the dog have you considered allergy shots? They also sell Allerpet(an aloe-vera based liquid you can comb the dog's hair with). My friend has a dog she is allergic to and she gets allergy shots every week and takes antihistames and uses allerpet on her dog and she is symptom free now. Just some thoughts you can consider. I hope it's not your dog. Best wishes!

Most people are not allergic to Malteses. Maybe its the shampoo, conditioner, or other products you are using. I would try changing those, one at a time, and see if there is a difference. If the dog goes to a groomer, check and see if that person will help as well, by not using the regular products. Hope this helps.
Robin K.
I agree with what the others said, and would like to add that it sounds more like a localized contact allergy rather than an inhalent one to me (I don't know much about human allergies.. but most people with allergies to dogs get more respiratory type symptoms.. anything is possible of course). You could try not letting her sleep with you or lick your face (I know.. very hard!), and washing your hands after you pet her. Or, if there is a way to either get her out of the house, or yourself, for a couple of weeks.. you could see if your symptoms improve. In any case, I'd go an allergist, rather than another eye doctor, because they may have a different outlook on the problem. Good luck.. I certainly hope you can find a solution to this.
I get allergy attacks like this whenever I am around cats (they are much worse then, but start in the eyes) and most dogs. With dogs, I only get the red, itchy, puffy, scaly eyes when I directly touch the dog and then my eyes. I would make a religious habit of washing my hands every time I played with the puppy and then see if it gets better. I have a maltese puppy and am fine most of the time. When I bathe him, my hands itch, but sometimes if I rub my eyes, when petting him (especially if he hasn't been bathed in a while), my eyes will start to itch. Good Luck. P.S. the more I rub my eyes, the worse it gets. If you can ignore it as much as possible, they might calm down quicker.
I have allergies which include dogs and just about everything else one encounters in daily life. I have had the skin tests several times throughout my life. I was hit very hard in my early teens, then again in my early forties, and now I feel it is coming back.

After having the various skin tests during the span of 30 some years it was interesting that allergies seem to change from time to time. What worked for me was eliminating as many of the offenders from my life that I could do comfortably, and taking antihistimines. I'm allergic to all the animals and birds that I was tested for, so I made choices. The cats, birds, rabbits, dogs that shed, etc., went.

Also, I took the allergy shots for the main factors that I refused or was unable to cut from my life: ie. dogs, mold, dust, etc. I bought a waterbed and did not allow the dogs on it ( sleeping with what you are allergic to is heavy exposure). The foods I was allergic to were eliminated, also I had to quit smoking, I stay away from horse barns, fairs, etc., or prepare myself beforehand with allergy pills. I bought air purifiers. My Maltese have remained for over 30 years. I'm still alive. Often I just forget about my allergies altogether unless I get a flare up such as you described. I have learned that there is no such thing as "hypoallergitic" as everyone's allergies are different. Many of the things especially the dogs that are advertised as such are "falsely advertised."

Since Maltese are tiny and don't shed there is less dog hair and dander around; therefore, less to cause a reaction. I was determined to live a normal life as opposed to living in a "bubble." That was my choice! I can't wear so-called allergy-free earrings, nor use the advertised "allergy-free" make-up and soaps because I am allergic to them. Bees, fleas, biting insects, poison ivy, etc., never bother me????? I'm no doctor, but I believe based on my own experience that our allergies are very individualized. For me, personally, Maltese don't bother me very much compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. Good luck with whatever solution you choose. Please post and let us know how it works out.
Beverly B. Passe

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