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Grooming question
by Linda K
Grooming question I would like to try grooming my puppy myself inbetween the professional visits. I just ordered a Oster pro plus cordless from RC Steele with a #10 blade. Does anyone have experience with this? I was told that it is recommended for the Maltese. Also any experience for the proper sissors for around the nose? I'd appreciate input.


I've used Oster clippers at work and home with #10 and #40 blades depending on how short you want the hair. There are also blade guards that you can put on to adjust the lenght and make it nice and even (they either come with the clipper or can be ordered from the company). It does take some practice, but its not all that hard really. For the face I use a small straight blunt-tipped scissor that I got from a groomer friend years ago. It lookes like a baby scissor and it's good for getting around delicate areas. I wouldn't do the face until you are sure your puppy will stay still for it though. Puff will squirm a bit when being clipped, but you show him those scissors, and he is still as a stone (and no.. I've never knicked his face.. he was always like that).

Thanks Aimee, Which gives a longer cut the #10 or #40? Is there a difference in the Oster Pro and the two speed A model?
Linda K.
Hi, Linda! I found the perfect little scissors. I can cut around Otto's nose and eyes with safety. You'll love them, too. They are in Jeffer's Pet catalog - Item #39-S4-28 (Ear trimming Scissors.) They have a short, blunt shape and are stainless steel. They cost 6.96. 1-800-JEFFERS. I am not advertising for them - I just thought these were the perfect tool for the job. Good Luck!
I would suggest getting a book or video to help you. Although asking questions here is good, if you don't know the difference between the blades used, you need a bit more help to learn to do this. Although I haven't seen them, there are some videos advertised on this site. This would be the best way to learn what different blades are available and the best way to use them. The cost of the video or book will wind up saving you money anyway, and you will most likely wind up doing all your own grooming! Happy learning!
Robin K.

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