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Bruised after neutering
by Kathy S
Bruised I had my Gizmo neutered several days ago. He has alot of very dark purple-black bruises below and above the incesion. You could just tell my baby was in pain, his back leg was just shaking and in general he was not a happy camper. I have never seen this in a male before and have never seen a male in so much pain before. How has your babys done after being neutered?


I'm concerned Kathy. Have you called your vet? I've had several males neutered and never seen that. Better check it out. Sometimes a bruised look indicates that there's been internal bleeding. Hurry. Let us know.

I have never seen this with any of our dogs or cats. Not even with a goat, pig or calves. I'd call the vet right away or possibly consider a different vet. Could it be internal bleeding? Something that was nicked or not tied off during surgery? Good luck and hope Gizmo is better soon!
I would ask some questions - just play dumb - Alex was not bruised and they had to look for the second testicle who was more on the side. He was not in pain and even wanted to play the same evening. But not all dogs are the same.
All my dogs did fine after spaying or neutering... with little or no problems, but I've seen bruising like you are referring to. It could just be that on a light colored dog, it shows up more. But if there is a lot of pain, and a large area of bruising, you should bring him back to the vet, just to be on the safe side. He injured himself when he was waking up or coming home, maybe by trying to lick or scratch the area... or that there was some internal sutures that didn't hold completely and some leakage of blood occured. I'd get him checked out again, and don't give him any aspirin or pain killers without talking to your vet first... it could make the bleeding worse, or cause a bad reaction.
Hi, We had Pepper neutered when he was 6 months old. He had gone in for surgery at 8:00a.m and was home by 6:00 that evening. He was on antibiotics for 7 days to avoid any infection and I was concerned re: painkillers, but Vet felt he didn't need them and he did fine without them. The sutures were removed in 10 days. Pepper seemed fine after the surgery, but was not able to bounce/jump around for the first few days (3). After that, he was back to his old self. I am sure you will receive many responses from the other more experienced folks here on this page, but I don't recall Pepper appearing to be in any severe pain or being discolored in that area.
I agree! This does not sound normal. Hopefully, by now, you have taken your baby back to the vet. My Noah was a little sleepy for a day but he was up and going full blast the next day. Let us know how your baby is doing.
April B.
Kathy, after chatting the other nite about this did you call the vet to see if there was something wrong? Keep us posted.
Libby & Buster
Kathy, please, please tell us. Is Gizmo OK? I'm sure there are a lot of us worried.
Hi everyone sorry it took so long for me to reply. I only have access to the net while Im at the shop and I have not been here . Gizmo is doing great. His second day he was still a sore and could tell when he walked. All the bruises faded by the third day there is only a little left on the actual sac. The vet said, well actually the recep. I never really got to talk to the vet. It doesnt happen often but on a rare occassion, I can't really tell you why. Big help that was. Thank you so much for your concern. Im so glad he is back to his playful loving self.
Kathy S.

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