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by April B.
Tranquilizers? This summer, my husband's family is having a reunion of sorts and we all have condos together at the beach. I take Noah everywhere and this trip will be no exception. Whenever we are out of town and I have to leave him, he barks non-stop until I come back. He just gets so upset because he is afraid I won't come back. This time we'll be staying for a week at this place which may not allow pets. I'm afraid his barking will drive everyone crazy. I've tried bye-bye bones, I bring all his toys, his crate and I try to stick to his normal routine but no amount of reassurance will console him. He must be quiet when we are not in the condo. Has anyone ever given a tranquilizer? Are they safe? What are your experiences? I am open to suggestions of all kinds.


We used to tranquize Whiskers around the 4th of July, because he was such a basket case to begin with and the fireworks were just enough to put him over the edge. I mean he'd really freak out. But these little guys can be overly sensitive to tranquilizers, and in any case I am against tranquilizing any animal and leaving it alone. What if he has a reaction or sometime, or injures himself stumbling around? I'd look for a place that allows dogs, or have you considered renting a motor home or trailer? We used to have one when Puff was little, and it was great.. Puff acted like it was his home.. just smaller and moving. We'd go all over, and there are lots of places you can hook up to. Its a great way to travel with a pet really.

Poor Noah! I'm not sure I understand - is this right - Noah only barks when you're gone? Then can't you just bring him along wherever you go? He is probably very good when he is with you, no? Then just bring him with. It is a family reunion, right? He is part of the family? If you're worried about his being in places, a Sherpa bag is always a good "objection-buster". Good Luck!
April. Instead of "tranquilizers" of the prescription variety, why don't you try those of the natural type. My veterinarian offers them, so apparently they are acceptable to the medical folks. They have a couple of kinds available in the Dr. Foster catalog (also you could ask your vet). Another thing I've had good success with (not necessarily for barking but for anxiety) is using Rescue Remedy (which you can get at any health food store). It is liquid and comes in a bottle with a dropper. You can give it orally or just place several drops (a few times a day) directly on the dog's skin. I put it on tummies.
cathy brown
Sorry it took so long for me to thank you all for your suggestions. We changed internet providers so we were without service for a few days. I don't feel right about giving a drug if not really necessary, so I will look into the herbal remedies. Thanks again!
April B.

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