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Puppy Bad Breath
by Tricia
Puppy Bad Breath I have a 6 month old puppy and for the past few days he has had terrible breath. (sorry I know it's gross). I'm wondering 2 things: Could there be something wrong with him? and if not, how do you cure it? I can barely stand him kissing me (yuk!)Thanks!


It could be that there is something wrong. For example, dental problems are notorious for causing bad breath. Also, a stomach or intestinal problems. For those you need to see a vet (probably a good idea.. all dogs have "doggy breath", but it shouldn't be unbearable, and any sudden change should be looked into). Do you brush his teeth? Its a good idea to start them young and keep it up. There are some pills that help to (similar to Breath Assure for humans), and I'm sure there are natural remedies but I don't know of any off hand. If it is sudden, I'd think about maybe something he ate. Also, some dogs will eat their stool (as you will find out if you read here long enough) and I'm sure that would cause an unpleasant odor, so keep an eye on that too.

Tricia, I have heard that a puppys breath shouldn't be bad. It is usually a sign of something wrong. I would have the vet check him out.
Libby & Buster
Tricia, check to see if anything might be stuck in his teeth. That happened to my puppy when we were on vacation. His breath kept getting worse and worse. It was on the ride home that I looked in his mouth and found a little piece of his "chewy" stuck between his teeth that was turning really gross. No wonder he was losing his appetite. I check constantly now.

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