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Nuts when anyone leaves
by Debbie
Nuts when anyone leaves At about a year old my maltese started going nuts, barking and occasionally very light biting when someone gets ready to leave. It's really bad when my husband or I leave but he even does it with visitors. He's extremely pleasant at all other times. He loves visitors and family. It doesn't matter if there is a house full of people still there, if I'm going but my husband is staying, anytime anyone attempts to leave he goes bolistic. Am I alone in this? Any suggestions?


Buster did that too until i got him a "Kong Ball". It's a ball that is hollow and you put yummies in it. You give it to them only when you leave the house. Buster has a time trying to get the yummies out. It takes about 10 minutes but it keeps them occupied and they don't miss you so much. Try it it's great!
Libby & Buster

Hi Debbie,Yes my dog goes absolutely crazy if you leave him. In fact he gets spiteful. The other day I went to work and my dad was staying with Wiley until he had an appointment to go on. That's when all hell broke loose. He threw all his toys down the steps. Threw all the pillows off the furniture and then took the little mattres out of his little couch and ripped it all apart. My dad said that it looked like it snowed. So yes my dog does it too.
Sounds like he just has a rather annoying way of "so-long! remember me and how cute I am.. and come back soon!". Has he had any obedience training? If not, thats your first step. Then start by having one of you leave the house, and the other making him sit or lay down and stay. When he sit quietly, lots and lots of praise and petting. When he's not behaving, correct him firmly and try again. Take it slow and little by little you should see improvement.
I also received the "guilt trip" when leaving the house so I read up on ways to avoid this anxiety attack that our Maltese, Schenley, experiences. I have found that the number one rule is to ignore Schenley for at least 5 minutes before leaving (no more goodby hugs and kisses) and then just walk out....the less of a deal we make of leaving, the better off for the pooch. Also, distractions like the "kong ball" mentioned above is recommended and this has helped our girl to stay busy. When I go on short outings, I leave the t.v. on so the noise helps her to feel that we are still home (radios work well too). Now, I am the only one with the seperation anxiety when we must leave our sweet gal!
Heather Dees

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