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Puppy crying all night
by david
Puppy crying all night Recently, I purchased a maltese puppy from a breeder. He is 6.5 weeks old. He is a very energetic pup and loves to play. However, when ever it is time for him to sleep in his crate, he cries all night-long. We have had him for 6 days, can you help us help him? In addition, we have let him sleep in our room, he cried even harder knowing we were right there. He will only stop crying when we let him snuggle with us. Help!!!


Excuse me, I don't mean to come across wrong......BUT, a breeder let you have a pup at 6 1/2 weeks old?? I guess you have never been here before. Of course the baby is crying all night, I would suggest letting her sleep with you. This little baby is not old enough yet to have come to a new home. Is she weaned yet? Has she had any shots yet? Please read through this website to get more help, and do not buy a pup from this "breeder" again. I am glad you found this site.
Robin K.

David, from the many books that I have read and from advice from vets/breeders etc, the 'right' thing to do is to leave puppy in an area where he will be comfortable and then shut your bedroom door and go to sleep. It may take a couple of nights but puppy will accept the fact that he has to sleep alone. Now having said that, I went and did the very opposite. At first I followed by the book and had Snowy in the kitchen in his basket. He was a good puppy, made a little noise but always goes back to bed. Of course, I was housetraining him then and whenever he got up in the middle of the night (and I can hear him), I would have to do the same and carried him outside. By the end of a couple of days, I was more than ready to use the wee wee pads and gave up on the great outdoors. Transition was easy and Snowy took on to it. I was keeping him confined to the kitchen as any accidents were easier to clean. After about 1-2 months, Snowy was fully house trained and would sleep in his kitchen area without any problems. Unforturnately, Snowy is an early waker and wants to get out of the kitchen when he wakes up. Boy, did he create a racket every morning. To shut him up, I would carry him to the bed where he will fall asleep, after all creating all that din must be quite tiring. Then without us really noticing, Snowy migrated to sleeping in our bed .. yes, I was now getting even too lazy to retrieve him in the early hours of the morning, so I took him to bed. He settled down immediately and now probably thinks that our bed is his. However, even though we gave in, we still enforce the rule that he is invited into bed i.e. he will normally have to do something (eg shake hands, roll over, sit, down etc) before being granted permission to go on the bed. It's a psychological thing that ensures that we are still sending the message that we are the dominant ones (yes all textbook stuff). Contrary to what others think, having a puppy in bed is not that bad. Snowy has his favourite spot, above my husband's head, sharing his pillow and if it is too hot, he will actually sleep on the carpet, away from us. I have tried crating him with my pillow thrown in and he fell asleep without much complain. I have also read somewhere that eventhough you start of allowing them on your bed, eventually they will find the spot that they like most (not necessary on your bed) and adopt that place as their bed. I guess this is more so with bigger dogs which will not feel very comfortable sharing the bed. I hope this has been helpful, if rather long-winded!
David, Your new pup is suffering separation anxiety. He has been wrenched from his mother and his litter mates. You sound very sympathetic to his situation. By letting him sleep with you, you are taking the place of the litter and he is feeling the comfort and security that he once had. You are also setting yourself up for possibly having to separate him from you at night and, regardless of his age, he isn't going to like that either. If you haven't already, get yourself a good book on puppies. You'll find it very helpful in many areas.
David - The "breeder" sent you home with that puppy 6 weeks too soon. Your puppy was just reaching the stage where his mother should be starting his socialization process with humans and other dogs. I strongly suggest you stay away from such a "breeder" and steer your friends away too. This person does not have the best interest of the puppies in mind. My puppies are not even weaned at 6 weeks old (almost but not completely). Had your puppy been vet checked and started on his shots? No puppy should leave home without having at least 2 shot, preferably 3. But all this won't help you now. If you plan on eventually letting the pupy sleep with you, then I suggest you put him in a crate at night and put a soft sheepskin toy in with him and put the crate either on your bed or on a chair next to your bed where he can see you. If you don't plan on letting him eventually sleep in the bed, then still use the crate and toy and put him where you plan on having him sleep. A radio on low all the time helps too. It;s a matter of him missing his mother and litter mates and feeling insecure in his new surroundings. You could have a couple of week of sleepless nights in front of you. Good luck
This puppy is too young to be away from it's mother, it would definitely be best for the pup to spend another several weeks with it's mother. Although I question whether this "breeder" would go for that by having let the pup go at such a young age.
Leslie R
David, I have to agree with Robin K. on this one. You new baby is just that - a real baby and should never have been taken from his Mom and littermates at such a young age. Please, let that baby sleep with you for now - he needs some reassurance. I find it hard to believe that any reputable "breeder" would let one go at this age and only hope that your new baby is a healthy one.
Robin D.
David, another thought just came to me - would it be possible for you to take this little one back to the "BREEDER" just so he can be with his litter mates for 5 more weeks.?? I know this would be hard for you to do but really, it would be best for your puppy and any truly good "breeder" shouldn't mind.
Robin D.
I can't believe a breeder would let you have this little guy so young...unbelievable what people will do for money. He is definately going thru separation anxiety from his mother. I agree with everyone else...has he been checked by the vet, had his shots, etc. I also agree with him sleeping with you.
Libby & Buster
David! What a pity, like everyone else I agree that puppy is much too young to be going to a new home ! I have bred for @ 7 years I never let one go before at least 10 weeks 12 or older is even better sometimes. I disagree however with all who said "let him sleep with you" he is too young,he can fall out of bed, besides he still requires fluid/water during the night and also needs to go potty, I would definitely have him in my room at night, in a cage or box with tall enough sides, so he can't climb out, have him on a night stand/chair etc. so he can see you or hear you breathe, that should keep him calmer, if he's a very small pup you might consider supplementing him with "nutrical" and puppy vitamins or pet-tinic, always feed " premium" puppy food and plenty of fresh water and keep warm ! good luck !
Thank you for the replies regarding our young puppy. His name is Bunker. He has really clamed down and begun to develop quite the little personality. Although each of your suggestion for the elimination of crying was helpful, we decided to build him a small den. He Loves It!! Infact, he only cries during the night when it is time to potty. We had him checked out by the Vet, and he said he was extremely healthy. I think we just lucked out! Ayway, Bunker is doing fine and has already begun the potty training process. He goes strait to the door when it is time to go!!! He is now almost eight weeks and extremely happy!!
david a

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