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Teeth extraction
by Janine
Teeth extraction I hoped that I would not have to go through this, specially that Alex is loosing some of his puppy teeths by himself. Monday I was at the groomer and at the same time had the vet check Alex's teeths (they do grooming, boarding and veterinary clinic). He needs to have 3 of his teeths pulled. The two upper canine and one lower canine (the other lower one fell out from itself). I will have it done on thursday. Hope everything is going to be fine.


Janine - Every one of my Maltese has had to have the puppy canine's pulled. It is a minor procedure that does require anesthesia. However, it is necessary to get those teeth out so the permanent teeth can come in correctly. Have confidence in your vet - he's your dogs second best friend.

Janine, My little Maltese had to go to the "doggy dentist" to have a baby tooth pulled. It was in there so tight against the permanent tooth, my own vet was afraid he would break it, so Noah was sent to a specialist. Don't worry. Retained baby teeth are very common. I'm sure your baby will come through it just fine.
April B.
I was also very worried when Phoebe had to have teeth pulled at fourteen weeks! They pulled four altogether, to allow for her adult teeth to come in properly it had to be done & one tooth was poking the roof of her mouth. I know this is common in small breeds, especially if the muzzle is short. She came through like a trooper - better than I did! We will be watching the rest of her teeth as she gets older and if they need pulling they will get pulled, I know I would not want to live with a toothache!
Leslie R
I have two female Maltese, they are twins... Both of them had to have baby teeth pulled. The adult teeth grew in right next to the baby teeth, I had no choice. They looked pretty rough after the proceedure, but within a day they were back to themselves. You are doing the right thing, hang in there.
Lisa Rudd
Thanks you all. Picked up Alex at the vet at 2:30pm. You never would have known that dog had teeth surgery. He was so alert. In the car he barked (normally he cries and makes little strange noises) and barked all the way home. He was standing up in his car seat looking out the window and barking. The lady at the vet tought it might be better to wait till tomorrow morning to give him something to eat because it might hurt. Ha! he wanted to eat. So I gave him a little bit of a mix of pasta/meat/vegetables (I cook for him), he finished that in no time and was still hungry. So he got a small piece of soft cheese. After we had diner, we had a few cookies, and he wanted some to. Don't worry, he gets only tiny little pieces. That's the only treats he gets. Then he wanted to play with us with his toys, we, holding on to it, and he pulling. But we said NO, not tonight. Well, I am glad it's over. Thanks again for your support.

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