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tear staining & collyrium
by Melanie
tear staining & collyrium I just found this page for the first time and I am so excited! I have a 2 and a half year old girl, Sophie, who is my husband and I's CHILD! We love her so much we just got another female, Sadie. I have been reading some of the postings, and saw that several people referred to something called collyrium (sp?) to help the tear staining problem. If someone could give me more information about this I would greatly appreciate it! I think my girls are beautiful just the way they are, but it would be nice to not have the rust colored stains on under their eyes and around their mouth. It's nice to know there are so many people who feel the same way about their babies that I do! They go everywhere with us (they will NEVER see the inside of a kennel!). If we go on vacation somewhere and don't take them, which is rare, they stay with their grandma and are spoiled! They sleep with us and I just can't imagine life without them! Thanks for any information!


I know exactly what you mean Melanie! I think of my girl Shelby as my baby too! Another maltese girl will be joining our family on Jan. 31 and we're very excited. They really are "fur babies!"
Sandy & Shelby

Melanie, Buster is my second maltese after losing my Chico in Oct. I don't worry about tearstaining because it's not a problem and I don't plan on showing him. He is our "child" also. I try to keep him as clean as I can when I bathe him. Don't worry about the tearstaining unless there is a medical problem. Just give these babies all the love you can give.
Libby & Buster
hi melanie! ( is it barnes?) try using filtered water for drinking, some tap water has too many minerals, also check you food ingridient label for "beet" that can stain their beard, try "missing Link" powdered food supplement, sprinkle over food, that seems to work really well here! ( i have 15 babies ) you can also get oxy-tetracycline powder, from catalog or feed store $ 2.75-3.00,and sprinkle @ 1/8 tsp on wet or dry food ( not in metal bowl..pleeease ) for 10 days, that works too, i personally don't think that all the other preparations work. missing link has an 800# , they can rec a distributor in your area. you can email me at my personal em and i'll be glad to look up the # for you.good luck
Melaine: Welcome and Congrats on finding this wonderful website. There is a host of information about tear staining and Colloidal Silver, I assume that is what you are refering to. Check the Question and Answer section on the left side of the Website first page. I've tried Colloidal Sliver and frankly it wasn't a marvelous cure. I now have my Shayna on Neo Bacimyx, the Vet gave that to me. Again, it's better but not totally clear. Koko doesn't have the problem with her eyes, but around her mouth a small amount. Once a week I use Hydrogene Peroxide, just before their bath. Be real careful not to get it in their eyes, it will burn. Hope I've helped you.
Melanie, when I got my first maltese, Baxter, the breeder showed me how to clean his eyes with Collyrium (it's a brand name). It's a "people" eye wash and you can get it at the larger drug chains and department stores (like Walmart). Soak a little on a cotton ball and wipe from the corner of the eye out. Then take a flea comb (because the teeth are so close together) and start at the inner corner of the eye and comb out and down. It takes care of that eye goop too. I do this every day to both my little guys. If you have a real problem with staining it's best to treat the root of the problem. There is a lot of help on this website at the home page. Good luck!
Hi! I am one of those people who use collyrium. It is an eye wash for people and you get it from Eckerd's or Wallgreens in 4 oz bottles. It says "Collyrium" right on the box. It is a very mild, soothing eye wash that has some boric acid and buffers in it. I use it for me with my contacts sometimes. Bausch and Lomb makes a collyrium eye wash onl they call it Eye Wash (Eye Irrigating solution). It is made for when you get some dirt or sand in your eye and you want to soothe it.

I put a drop in each of Otto's eyes in the am. and he still has gobbies but they are clearish - not brown. It works great and is very safe. It costs about $4 for 4 ozs. Good Luck and I am glad you found this page!

Melanie, you also need to watch out for foods/yummies with "red dye" in them. Test them by wetting the food an putting on a paper towel. Let it set there for an hour or so. If the paper towel stains you know your baby's hair will stain as well..
Libby & Buster

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