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Diabetic Maltese
by gail b.
Diabetic Maltese I really never knew that dogs get diabetes...I would like to see what other people who own diabetic maltese have experienced.


Gail, Our very first maltese was diagnosed as diabetic when she was 5 yrears old (this goes back 20 years). Milkshake lived to be 12 years of age on 2 insulin injections a day. She lived a very happy and comfortable life. We did plan our daily routine around her insulin injections, and would do the same again. She gave us many happy, joyful years. She actually got to look forward to her injections because she knew she would receive her favorite biscuit treat afterwards. When she was older, we found that Milkshake's condition was related to Cushings Disease. She started to exhibit those symtoms a bit later in her life. With alot of love from you and good veterinary attention, I am sure your little one will do fine. Our veterinarian trained us to give her her injections. It was not difficult to learn to do at all. It was worth it to us to see her happy and healthy. Good luck to you and your little dog..
Marti L.

My late lhasa apso got diabetes when he was around 10 years old. I don't remember exactly at what age. I am still wondering if it is not from all the prednisone he was on from 2 years of age. He also had two shots of insulin a day. We even checked is urine in the morning and afternoon to give him the proper dosage of insulin. He was one month short of being 12 years old when we had him put to sleep. He had other problems beside diatetes.

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