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Socializing Back-Fires!
by Rachel
Socializing Back-Fires! When I first started bringing my baby on walks, she would smell other dogs in her path and be a nice puppy. Then we decided on puppy "training" which was more socializing the puppy with other dogs. I think she was very stressed in school since these dogs were all bigger than she. Then we began daycare, and now it is a nightmare. Everytime she sees another dog from a distance (even people) and she starts barking and having a tantrum. She hates all of them (I think). She has become very anti-social. The other dogs don't even bark. How can I stop this. I thought by exposing her to others, it would help. It has become worst and I love her so much but this is very embarrassing and out of control.


Rachel ! your dog barking should not be an embarassment to you, that 's what dogs do, especially little ones ! she's probably just protecting you or jealous !

I have the same problems. Freckles just goes nuts when he sees other dogs and other people!? I don't know what to do either. Can anyone help us?!
Karen and Freckles
Our 8 years does this also, it must be on the Maltese traits! I really think they are just protecting you, and standing their ground, trying to make up for their size or something. When we see another dog coming, we just really shorten the leash, and walk by quickly. Its really for their own protection also. Our dog got really hurt, by being so loud and outspoken.
Re:improper behavior when on an outing: I teach puppy classes and mine also is guilty of very assertive (and embarrassing to me) behavior upon meeting another dog...even people sometimes. Be patient since your anxieties travel down the leash. Before the others get closer than 15 ft. or so, have your dog sit (with help if necessary)and carry on a HAPPY conversation with it to distract and also to change the "tenseness" of the meeting. It should go okay after a few times. The first few meetings, just sit and don't approach others. Don't pick them up!! I agree about very small ones in a class with larger breeds..to a point. They need to be exposed to the larger puppies, but while supervised carefully...and given a place to escape to. Never, never, never (!!!) force a meeting. Good luck! Let the little guy make the move to play with the bigger one.
Squirel wants to bark at everything and everyone when out on the leash and will abandon his lovely walking manners to try and rush over to other dogs. We are trying a method our trainer recommended last weekend which seems to be working so far. If he doesn't respond immediately to a firm, loud, "NO!", we give the "NO!" a second time and as we do so, we hold the leash so it is completely vertical (90 degrees) to the ground and lift up gently so that he is standing on his hind legs only. We hold him like that for a few seconds then release, remembering to praise him lavishly when he quietens down. You might think that this sounds really cruel (I know I did) but I watched carefully for any signs of distress and there were none or I wouldn't be posting this as a possible solution. Best of luck.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
My 6 mo old Beau was a scaredy cat with just about every new situation. When I went to visit where my old yellow lab was (my brother's), Beau started to shake and cower and bark. After remaining really calm, I got down on the ground with both dogs and slowly let them get used to eachother. After about 15 minutes, Beau was fine and the two of them were the best of friends. Maybe if you know of another nice dog that could help socialize your baby, this might work. We haven't seen another dog since, but Beau used to bark like crazy in the the back yard when he heard another dog and now he doesn't seem to notice.

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