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Bathtime:QUICK Drying TIP
by Annette
Bathtime: QUICK Drying TIP Enjoy reading all the tips to make life easier and have a tip I wanted to share.

After bathtime and just after the final rinse, I take paper towels and quickly absorb as much water as possible before wrapping Mikee and Angel in their terry towel and head for the bathroom to dry them with my hand-held hair dryer. I use at least ten - two at a time - and squish/blot the water out of their hair! I don't have a dryer where I can sit them in a cage, but maybe someday.

Anyway, you can't believe how much FASTER drying time is when you use the paper towels to soak up as much water as possible. Hope this helps.


Thanx for the tip Annette. I'm going to try this next time my girls have their baths.The less time they're under the blow dryer, the better for them-and me too!

This sounds like a great tip - thanks, I'll try it!
Robin D.
Thanks Annette! Tonight is caines bath night, I shall try the paper towels. I blow dry him on low...but I don't like him being so damp first. How is Amore?
Tomorrow morning is Rudy's weekly bath time and I'll definitely try the paper towels, thanks! This year I asked Santa for one of those Air Force dryers (for 2 yr old, 10 lb Baxter) that you see in the dog catalogs. WELL, Santa brought me Air Force III and I almost blew him off the table!!! Needless to say, I returned it for Air Force I and what a blessing. Drying time is over soooooo fast and we can get to treats sooner. It was worth every penny. I don't know if Rudy will get big enough for it. because even that one is pretty powerful. Speaking of Rudy, please look at the post I put up tonight on Rudy's graduation - I'm still so excited I can hardly go to bed. I'm really glad the leash is working for your baby. The people on this site are so helpful.
all thoughs tips are great but bath time for susie Q is play time to she lets you washer her like a kid and looks like a dog with mayo. when the bathis over and we dry her she starts to growal and play and when you let her down she is grees lightning all over the house playing with her teddy bear when she stops she drags her own towle over to her pillow and drys herself the rest of the way offby rolling a true comidy show.
keith & shelley (susie Q)

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