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shredder, your dog too?
by Patti & Buster
shredder-your dog too? My dog seems to love to shred newspaper. It this a trait that most Maltese do? My mom's maltese loves to shred kleenex. Every week, we are lucky if our T.V. guide makes it until Friday! We try to keep it out of reach, but someone always forgets, and leaves it out, and by the time we return home, you should see the mess! He has never been a distructive dog, never has chewed anything. Just newspaper! What about your dogs?


Alex loves to shred toilet paper. If I forget to close the door, he goes up there and pulls the paper from the roll and everything that's on the floor get's shredded. He also started to try to pull out the magazines from the holder and nibbled on it. He teached me not to let the newspaper laying on the floor. I have a paper shredder on top of a small waste basket. He stands up on the basket and pulls out shredded paper.

Patti, Noah likes paper napkins and kleenex that he fishes out of the waste baskets. I try to keep them empty. When Noah trys to eat something that I don't want him to, I would trade him for a "cookie." Now, he brings buttons, thread, paper, and whatever else he can find, in hope that he will get a treat. I guess I need to vacuum more often!
April B.
My female maltese does the same thing too! But Sunny will take it one step further and eat the paper after she's shredded it. It's just like have having a small child in the house because if you leave the newspaper on the coffee table, she manages to snatch it and have it in shreds within seconds. Luckily my other maltese does not share this behavior (probably because he has too many other personality quirks that take up his time!!!)
Mary Ellen
My girl is a shredder too. She especially enjoys the toilet paper which I have to keep off the role so that she can't reach it. But magazines, tv guide anything on the coffee table she can reach she pulls down and starts on. She's really turning me into a neatnick - nothing around for her to shred to bits.
Robin D.
Patti, I swear our Busters came from the same family! My Buster (6 mos old the 27th) loves to roll the toilet paper off the rolls and shred it every chance he gets. He also loves to shred the newspapers I keep in the bathroom for him to have accidents on. Yes, and my TV Guide.If I am looking at a magazine he will jump up on the couch and try to chew that. (he finally learned to jump up on the couch...thinks he's smart doing that) I think I could use him as the shredder for our office. Ha! Ha! Oh, yes, he loves to grab my panty hose when I am taking them off. What a spoiled brat!
Libby & Buster
You too! All garbage pails are now on top of counters, desks, etc.. Even the plastic liners get shredded. Found the toilet paper unrolled and shredded yesterday, but that was an aberation...I hope. I cannot leave a tissue unattended. Sabrina doesn't eat any of this; just shreds. Are we talking Maltese behavior here? No scolding stops it. It just seems to be a lot of fun, unless you have to clean it up.
Carol & Sabrina
I have two females who are my BABIES! Sophie and Sadie! I have to empty the bathroom trash can when it is only half full because if they can get the Kleenexs, they will be shredded into little pieces all over the house! Also, if the newspaper is sitting in a stack, Sophie, the oldest, will stand on top of it and frantically claw at it as if she is making a bed. If she works on it for a while, the paper will be in shreds. I have no idea why they do this, just thought you might want to know that you are not alone!
Puff shreds toilet paper too, but not newspaper or magazines. Also, Christmas wrapping paper... no gift is safe in our house This is our fault..when he celebrated his first Christmas, we got him gifts of toys and treats and thought it was so cute the way he opened them himself.. now, he thinks all the gifts are for him! Oh well, I think the gifts look nice up on the shelf instead of under the tree anyway.
I am proudly owned by Champion Shredder Baxter and his understudy, Shredder Rudy. The first time it happened Baxter had pulled newspapers through the slats in the newspaper stacker and literally COVERED the entire family and dining rooms with little tiny pieces of paper. I'm probably sick, but I laughed my head off and took a picture. He was so proud, he posed right in the middle of this mess. He has since graduated to tissues and pee papers and Rudy is a very good student.
Add our names to the Shredders Anonymous group. Luckily Andy has not learned the appeal of toilet paper, but no paper towel or Kleenex is safe around him (makes cleaning-day real fun!) But he gets such a kick out of it, it's hard to get mad.
Harry and Andy
Guys...I liked ALL of your posts so much, I read each out-loud to my husband. We laughed like two fools! Sofi, Princess of Paper, shreads, chews and swallows ANY kind of paper; news, toilet, towel, and her personal favorite, paperback books. I spend at least half of each day with my hand in Sofi's mouth fishing something out (yuk). Scolding inflames her and prompts a bathroom raid. Our house looks like no one lives here for the lack of anything reachable by Sofi. But--she is cunning-- and can find the slightest lowering of guard and seize the moment. She just makes me laugh because she always looks so proud of herself when she's doing this stuff!
I agree with everyone else. It's so cute when Buster goes in an grabs the toilet paper and starts running thru the hall with it you can't do anything but laugh. He's so proud when he does it. What a hoot!
Libby & Buster
Speaking of toilet paper.... Once when Buster was little, he took the toilet paper in his mouth and started spinning around and around and around, he finally was all tangled up and looked like a mummy with two little black eyes pearing out from all that huge wad of paper. He was so tangled he couldn't move! I had to laugh. We now know we cannot leave any paper dangling down from the roll, or he just can't help himself!
Moose & Squirrel are also shredaholics -- they love tissues, paper towel and paper in general, but their all-time favourites are receipts (you know, the really important ones that you need to keep for taxreturns), pharmacy prescriptions, and cardboard boxes -- especially if they have packing tape on them. When we moved house we had to unpack a lot quicker than we had intended, before they did it for us! Luckily for us they don't shred their wee-paper!
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Taffy does not shred anything except Kleenex and paper towels. She will not do this in front of me either, she waits until we are out of the house. We can leave newspapers and other things out tho without a problem. I used to have a big dog who would race by the Kleenex box and snatch one out and kept racing around the house. It was so funny!
Robin K.

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