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Excessive Bile
by Bert & Ish
Excessive Bile Maybe some of you can help us. We have two malteses (1 and 2 year old) that seem to occasionally regurgitate a clear to yellowish bile-like fluid. It has a pungent odor so it's obvious when it happens. We have asked the local vet and they say it's because they need to be fed more often during the day. But we have tried feeding them 2-3 times a day, and they still bile sometimes. It's a hassle to clean them afterwards and they stink quite frankly... But we still love them of course. Anyone have any experience with this?


Why not leave food out for them all day so that they can eat when they're hungry? Sometimes my dog won't eat when things are going on around her because she thinks she'll miss out on something and won't eat all day until just before bedtime. Hope this helps.
Jodi T.

I agree with your vet. My Noah does this occasionally althought it was more frequent when he was a puppy. Eating foreign substances, like thread, pieces of bark, kleenex, etc., will cause this, too. As far as cleaning it up goes, the Out! Pet Stain and Odor Remover works great. It has a very pleasant smell and it works for all of their little accidents. You can find it at some grocery stores and at K-Mart.
April B.
HI, Several months ago, Pepper had "decorarted" my carpeting in about 13 different areas. It was an ugly yellow color with a mucusy type of texture. That was not to easy to remove from the carepting. Since it was on a Sun. evening and my regular vet was unavailable. I called an emergency animal hospital. They too felt that Pepper had not eaten enough that day & suggested that I offer him small amounts of food and if he was able to keep it down he would be o.k. I followed their instructions and he was fine afterwards and hasn't had an episode since. That was my first experience with it. I'm not sure, if this answers your question.
I found that both Puff and Whiskers did much better with leaving some food down during the day for them to nibble on. Neither of them are big meal eaters.. we feed dry with a little dollop of canned food twice a day, then leave a handful of dry kibble down for munching (I wouldn't suggest leaving canned food down as it can spoil if its warm out). However, another dog we had, used to eat whatever was in the dish almost before it hit the floor. Penny acted like every meal was her last. It was impossible to leave food for her.

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