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by Joni
barking My little girl, Krystal Ice, is a dream. Perfect in every way but one. She is an excellent watch dog...too good. How do I stop her from barking at every disturbance at the door or out the window? As you know, their bark is customarily rather shrill.


i have been a maltese owner for 22 years..presently too 'girls' own me...if you can come up with an answer to the barking, let me know. they now have me trained to give them 'dog cookies' every time someone comes to the door...as far as their barking at imaginery intruders, i have yet to find a solution...
gail b.

Well, unfortunatly, I have no idea how to stop them from barking. My dog barks back. When you are speaking to him, commanding him to stop doing something he barks, as if he is telling you a peice of his mind. It is hilarious, but gets very frustrating.
My baby also likes to bark at whatever he may hear going by the house. Though i have not been able to stop his barking i have been able to quiet him down alot. what i do when he starts to bark is to say BE QUIET in a loud enough voice to get his attention and then put my finger up to my mouth so as to say quiet with out saying a word. i also accompany the sign with a dissaproving look. he usually stops barking immediately however he will growl deep in his throat. the growl i don't mind as much just cause it does not hurt my ears as much. if you do it enough times, he may get the idea. hope this helps in any way.
My 6 month old female maltese constantly barks at everything. I'm concerned over her aggressiveness and wish I knew a solution. Also, she barks if she doesn't get her own way and there is no shutting her up. She is crated at night for her safety and has started to get into the pattern of barking until either my husband or myself responds. During the day is one thing but being woke continuously at night gets old real quick. Any suggestions - please help
I have put some change in a jug or can. When my baby barks, I shake the jug and tell him "no". This seems to work best although it isn't always foolproof. I only use this when he is barking for attention. When he is barking at an imaginary "intruder", I tell him he is a good boy for alerting me, and give him praise when he quiets down. This gives him positive reinforcement which seems to work better with a strong willed Maltese. I have also have a friend who tosses a small bean bag near her baby's feet and says "no". This works for her but didn't work for me. Good luck!

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