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Consumer Reports /Dog Food
by Marie
Consumer Reports Dog Food The new Consumer Reports is out (February) and they have a good article on dog food. It's very interesting as they have reported on the fancy, high cost "designer" foods along with the supermarket brands. It's interesting...


Fantastic! Another Consumer Reports reader. I thought the article was interesting as well. The information could certainly save a pet owner a substantial amount of money over the years. I was concerned to read that the actual testing of pet foods is somewhat unregulated, inaccurate, and difficult to interpret. I am confused about the "For all ages" label on foods. Would this brand of dog food actually give a puppy the correct nutrients? I have used Pro Plan before with good results. I wouldn't go for the Kibbles and Bits, however. The food is neon colored. Best of luck interpreting the article. Maybe you can save some money and use for more dog toys.
kris buja

I also received the Consumer Reports February issue yesterday. Haven't read the article yet but definately plan on doing so.
Libby & Buster
I have read the article too and couldn't figure out any conclusion. Maybe some one can interpret it for me. Would appreciate it
miriam rose
Where do you get Consumer Reports? I would like to see the article, but have not found that around here. Thanks!
Robin K.
I'm not through the complete article yet (too much time on the computer?!?) It doesn't seem too conclusive yet...

I'm not sure if it can be purchased where other magazines are sold, but I do know you can copy articles from it at your local library. That's what I used to do until I subscribed.

I couldn't figure out the CR article either! What a joke, maybe it wasn't meant for us to understand it. Anyway, I use SOLID GOLD. What a fantastic dog food. Every single ingredient in it, is HUMAN GRADE. It is kind of a holistic dog food. My puppy's coat is AWESOME! It's really inexpensive too. For a 4lb bag its $4.56. You have to get it through a distributor, but there are many around in all areas of the country. Good luck guys, I know this "dog food" discussion is a debateable one.
Mary, you're right about it being debateable. My vet, who I know is excellent because I did tons of research before selecting him, said Science Diet is the best. In fact, Hills, who makes it also makes the prescription stuff you get from the vet. Science Diet did not get a very good rating. I just don't get it.
Marie-regarding Science Diet. The report that I saw compared the ingredients in all dog foods (most all anyway) Actually it said that Science Diet was one of the worst. They were looking at the grade of the food. Even though your dog food might have the "meat" has the first ingredient, what kind of grade is it. Is it the stuff that falls out of the chicken onto the floor that is not sold in the supermarkets? SOLID GOLD has all HUMAN GRADE ingredients, which means it is suitable for you and I. Just thought you may be interested in this piece of info. Another point, the reason most vets recommend certain dog foods is because they sell it and get a profit from it. Is Science Diet in your vets office for purchase? If you want to read more about this, go to Solid Gold on the internet, it's worth your time. Good Luck!
Marie, (I feel like I'm talking to myself) ALLthe doog food makers about why they are the best and why they beat out all the other brands. Ever been to Petco when they have their little stands set up? It's bewildering. They all make the same claim, they're the best because (fill in the blank!). Maybe Solid Gold has ingredients fit for human consumption, but are they the right ingredients? A dog's nutritional needs are different from ours. I was about to switch from Pedigree (what the breeder used) to Science Diet when this article came out. When I saw the cover, I thought, "At last, the final word on the right dog food." I'm more confused than ever.
I also was somewhat confused on the article, but if you read on, on pg 20 2nd paragraph below Superpremiums versus the rest,it states That's not to say there are no differences... Ounce for ounce, expensive foods generally deliver more calorises than others, so animals need to eat less...Our tests confirmed that expensive foods tend to have more consistent nutrition...
I would love to see that report, but I don't know that this publication would be available in Australia. Would someone who subscribes to Consumer Reports please post some info (publisher, etc.) which might help me to try to track it down -- thanks!
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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