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by Carla

Static! Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a terrific holiday season! I haven't been around in awhile since I've been off skiing! We had a blast and we are all still in one piece!!! I have a question regarding static. Both of my babies can't seem to get rid of it. I've given them a bath and still static! Is there any special products (shampoos, etc.) that will help eliminate some of this static??? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
Carla, I use Unicoat & it works very well. It's a pump spray with a cocunut oil mink oil base, ti semlls very nice and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It is a great detangler as well.

Glad you had no mishaps on your skiing trip!
Leslie R

Carla, I use "Crazy Dog" Baby Dog Baby Powder Scent Spray. Smells just like baby powder and keeps the static down. Did you take your little one skiing? I recently took our little Maltese, Muffin. Put her in a pouch and skied short periods of time with her. She loved it and loved romping in the snow. Of course, it was ideal weather and conditions and I took no risky chances so I wouldn't fall with her. Good luck with the static.
Something I used to do is rub my hands with a dryer sheet (Downey, Snuggle, etc.) then pet Baxter all over. He had terrible static as a puppy and loved the lovin'. Rudy, on the other hand, doesn't have the problem. I've started using Coat Handler shampoo and conditioner and it really makes the coat soft and produces less static.
Marie, may I ask where you purchased you Coat Handler products? I have been looking all over for them. Thankx!!! Jackie and Mika
Jackie Florio
On my cat I use a dryer sheet also. On my maltese is use a spray called Hair Revitalizer & Instant Anti-Static Coat Spray from # 1 All Systems. It also smells good.
Kathy S.
Jackie, Here is the manufacturer of Coat Handler Products phone number- (800)748-1777 , Senproco Inc. Very nice people!
Jackie, I got the Coat Handler shampoo & conditioner from R.C. Steele wholesale catalog (kinda). It wasn't in the catalog, but I asked about it when I was ordering other stuff and they had it. Sounds like we can get it direct, though, according to Jay's message. I can't remember how much I paid - around $8.00 or so a bottle???
Carla: Thanks for another great question. I love these replys. I discoverd something with my cat that I found out works great for Marsh and Mellow. I get a quart jar, fill it with purified water, put in a "Bounce" dryer sheet, let it set for a few days (shaking it when I think of it) then I fill a hair spray pump bottle with it and lightly spray the dogs as I brush them in the morning and at bed time. It works (and smells) great. No static, no tangles and it's like a mini shower twice a day. I didn't know if it would work on their long hair, but it does!
Larry Mabbitt
I also use Unicoat. And I use Johnson Baby shampoo.
Janine, I was advised by the breeder when I got Baxter not to use Johnson's Baby Shampoo because it would yellow the coat. Have you had that problem? She said any shampoo that was red, yellow, orange, etc., not to use. I'm curious Marie (Baxter & Rudy)
To Marie : I have not seen any difference in color in his hair. The only place his hair is not white completely is around his face. But he is still tearing a little. After bathing and grooming, he is white all over. I spray his coat with a little Unicoat before drying and brushing. He does not like the spray at all. He gives me the evil eyes and tries to bite me. He is beautiful and smells so good after grooming. But it does not last long. He loves to rummage in the garden.
Marie: I don't know why I was thinking using Johnson Baby shampoo. This morning I took a shower and just stared at the bottle and a light came on in my head. This is not Johnson Baby shampoo. It is L'Oréal Kids shampoo - orange and green plastic bottle - No tears No knots - 2 in 1 shampoo. The one I have is apricot flavored. In the back it says also : no flyaways (static ?). I checked the ingredients, and it has color in it D&C Yellow No 10. The shampoo itself has a very light yellow color. Sorry for the mistake.
Marie and Jay, Thank you. We are ordering some right away!!! Jackie and Mika
Jackie Florio
Hey, everyone. I have also begun using the Coat Handler shampoo and conditioner for Noah. J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies carries most of their products. Their phone is 1-800-526-0388. I also apologize for recommending Four Paws Good-By Tangles. It worked fine for static and matting but yellows the coat. Well, live and learn. I have learned from several folks that the Coat Handler products are excellent for Maltese.
April B.
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