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slicker or pin?
by Tyler

slicker or pin? Hi, Should I be using a slicker or pin brush on my Maltese. I brush her at least twice a week and her coat if 3/4 length, texture fine with a little wave. Thanks for all the helpful information. This if my first time asking a question.
Never use a slicker brush on a Maltese. It will tear out and break off the hair. A small pin brush followed by a combing with a good stainless steel comb for fine hair is best for your Maltese.
April B.
Well, it depends on which you prefer. I use a pin brush, but use daily and do have a slicker - just in case.
Leslie R
I would suggest using a pin brush, one without the balls at the ends. You didn't happen to mention what type you have been using.
Kathy S.
I have three Maltese and have found. The best way to brush their hair is with a medium tooth comb, The slicker brushes will pull and break their hair, take a very small amount of hair at one time and it will not hurt them. Starting at their feet, front or back and work towards the other end, always combing in the way the hair grows. They are very tender little tykes and will love a thorough brushing if you are very gentle. I hope this helps.
Charlie Kinnard
I use both a pin brush AND a slicker - for different parts of the body. The slicker will cause excessive breakage and, in the body of the coat should be used only as a "last resort". however, on the feet and under the armpits, etc. where you will not need or get great length I use the slicker - carefully - as it will scratch the skin if used indiscriminately.
Larry Stanberry - Divine Maltese
Tyler, I use the pin brush on my girl but also have a slicker - I used it before I knew the difference and she doesn't like it at all as well as the fact that it does break the hair. Also a stainless steel comb is good.
Robin D.
I have found that Lucy is more apt to let me use a comb on her than a brush. She is 2 now, and she STILL thinks the brush is a fun thing to chew on and chase it as I try to use it. I brush with a "people" brush most of the time now, but get the best results with the stanless steel comb. I think maybe one issue for Luce with the brush is that when I was just a new mom my attempts at brushing (using a slicker brush) might have pulled her hair and hurt a little and she remembers that when she sees the brush in hand.
cathy brown
Could someone please explain the difference between the pin brush and the slicker brush. I am very confused...thought they were the same thing.Thanks.
Kathy Tindal
Kathy, I think a slicker brush is the one with the wires and is usually a rectangular shape. A pin brush has the little balls on the end of it. I just started using a round pin brush and Taffy seems to like it much better, and it seems to go thru better. After baths I use a stainless comb too, while she is still wet to get rid of hidden mats.
Robin K
I had started out using the slicker brush and then felt it was too harsh, so I switched to the pin brush. Then at my puppy's first grooming, the lady told me that I definitely needed to use a slicker brush, so I switched back. Needless to say, I didn't care for that groomer (not because of the brush -- but she made him look like a Bichon even though I took her a picture of Pentium and Princess) and have since went elsewhere. The new groomer says that the wire comb is the best and I agree. Just goes to show that sometimes "Mom's instincts" are best.
Robin, The slicker are pins that are generally have an angle. There are pin brushes with balls on the end, kind of like a human hair brush and there are pin brushes without. You want to use a pin brush with soft straight pins with no ball at the ends. #1 All systems and Vellus make a couple of good ones. # 1 All systems makes a great Slicker shaped liked a triangle, perfect for getting under armpits.
Kathy S.
Kathy S. Thank you for the information! I have never seen a pin brush without the balls, so these sound perfect! I will get one. Yes, I knew about the slicker and quit using it because it seems way to harsh and makes her look too poofy! Thanks again!
Robin L
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