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When to start adult food?
by April B.

When to start adult food? Noah has been doing well on the Eukanuba puppy small bites. At 8 pounds, he has reached his full size. He will soon be a year old. At what age should I switch to an adult food? My vet says 16 months but since Noah has stopped growing and has been neutered, I am afraid that continuing the puppy food will make him fat. Is a lamb and rice food a good choice? With all the talk about red dye in the foods, I want to feed something without that.
I would be inclined to listen to the Vet, although I did think that one year old would be the age to switch - the energy level and so on also must be figured in. I like lamb and rice for the little guys, it's easily digested & I have never had a problem with Iams. Perhaps you might try the Iams lamb & rice puppy food since it does have less fat than the Eukanuba, but fat is very good for their coat and skin & if he is active I wouldn't worry about it if he is doing well on it.
Leslie R
April, my vet said to keep my Buster (5 mos old) on puppy food until he is 1 yr old. Then gradually switch to adult food by mixing it with the puppy food. My little guy is getting a little tubby too. He's on the IAMS Puppy Food.
Libby & Buster
We like to keep our Maltese on puppy food until they are a year old. This is usually when most stop growing. When we introduce the adult food, we do it gradually. 3/4 puppy + 1/4 adult of its total full meal for the day. We do this for 2 days. On day 3 and 4 we go 50-50, day 5-6 1/4 puppy + 3/4 adult. Then adult from then on after day 7. A schedule whereas you do the changeover from puppy to adult food gradually is important because switching foods can often cause digestive upset in your Maltese placing ondue stress on him/her. A similar schedule is also recommended when changing from different brands of food or different flavors such as going from a regular flavor to lamb & rice for example, regardless of your Maltese age.
My vet told me that with the smaller breed of dogs, it is better to wait and switch to adult food when they are about a year and a half old. I adore the vet; and to this point he has never been wrong where my Avery is concerned. I would go with the vet's recommendation. After all, if your baby were in trouble, you would probably take his advice on how to take care of her/him then. Good luck!
My vet told us to switch after the spaying and neutering. This will be at six months for Tiffany and nine months for Kirby. Dogs have a tendency to put on weight after being "fixed", and the puppy food is for growth.
To Jay: I've been giving 16 week old Rudy regular flavor in the morning and lamb and rice at night just to give him some variety and so that he won't get bored. It never occurred to me it could upset his digestive system going back and forth this way. He seems to be doing okay, but should I not be doing this?
Marie,We have always changed our Maltese diet gradually and it worked well for us. If Rudy seems to be doing ok, I wouldn't worry about it.
Thanks, everyone. I will check with my vet again, before making the switch!
April B.
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