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Stressed out with new pup
by Barry

Stressed out with new pup Hi, As a new puppy owner (8 week-old Maltese), it has been a rough 3 days. I love her, but... can't sleep because she cries when left in her den area; has bathroom accidents about 25% of the time; doesn't eat enough in the AM b/c of the vitamins in her food; chews on everything, including us; barks and growls when she plays too hard, etc... I am sure this is all normal. Will it get easier? When she sleeps with us, she is fine. Any advice would be GREATLY!! Thanks so much! Barry Munk
Hi Barry,I have a new puppy too. Her name is Hannah. She is 10 weeks old and it has been very difficult training her so far. She too likes to bite on everything, including me and our other dog Lucky who is an Australian Sheppard and is 7 years old. Lucky, luckily plays a lot with Hannah and has been helping me train her. Lucky comes to me when I call Hannah and watches Hannah to follow. She also stops Hannah from biting her so often by offering Hannah a toy to bite and pull on. Hannah wants constant attention except when she is tired; she moves to her bed or far side of the couch away from everyone. At night she has been sleeping with us because she barked and cried non-stop if we tried to put her in her cage or locked in the kitchen. The only problem with this, is that she wakes me at 4:00 a.m. to use her papers (which I must coax her into doing by staying with her at the site until she performs), but then I praise her and we go back to bed. She of course falls right back to sleep - I stay up a little longer unfortunately. During the day, she does not want to use her papers and this really takes its toll on me to continuously follow her around and catch her before she makes a mistake -- she's faster than me most of the time, so we have had a lot of accidents. Suggest you use "bitter apple" spray on furniture and other things your puppy is biting. Also, offer her a nyla bone instead to chew on. Good luck.
Hello Barry! Yes it will get easier. You just need to be patient and understand your puppy has just been taken away from her mother and your home is all new to her. Now is the time you need to teach her what she can and cannot do. Do not get discouraged because it takes a long time to train a puppy, but you have to be persistent and not give up. The pup will understand your instructions in time. It may seem like she's not understanding now, but if you just keep at it she eventually will-you'll see. With my first maltese(Bianca, now 2) I felt the same way you do now. With my second maltese(BriAnna, now 1) it was so much easier for us to train her because we did it before with Bianca. I'm now having trouble with my third pup(Autumn, now 5 mo.'s) but I know I'll get her to understand somehow. Just give the pup time and remember-all a dog wants to do is please their owner. Good Luck!
Barry, We have our first maltese puppy. She is 13 weeks today. We got her at 8 weeks which we know now was too early. These little ones need more time with mother. 10 to 12 weeks is best. She wouldn't eat. Went into hyperglycemic shock and we almost lost her. You will have to be very patient and spend lots of time encouraging her to eat. Any distractions and she won't be interested in eating. We give our baby NutraCalin addition to puppy Eukanuba. She is doing fine now but if I were to do it over again I wouldn't bring her home so early. At 8 weeks she is still a fragile baby. As far as potty training I wouldn't expect too much at 8 weeks and it will take consistency on your part to get her out when she wakes up or after play etc. about every 2. hours for awhile. It is just like having a new baby but your efforts will pay off. Our Sophie is beginning to get the idea now but I still don't trust her out of my sight.
Hi. I'm not sure I can give you advice except for this (I've got 2 yr old female & 15 wk old female):

First of all, it seems that 8 weeks is quite young. If I've read and heard things correctly, ideally Maltese's wouldn't be taken from the mother until 10 wks (please someone correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, the accidents, chewing, crying and such are definitely puppy behaviour! This will improve over time. I've raised one Maltese pup and am raising my second and I've found them to be very intelligent dogs who try very hard to please their owners.

Please give your pup time, she's only 8 weeks old and that is very young. My Belle is 16 wks now and her housebreaking is going very well (~98% success!), she cries like crazy when she's in her crate longer than she wants to be (which could be two hours) and her chewing is not much of a problem. Whenever she starts to chew or get into something I don't want her to, I say "no" very firmly and if she continues, she gets it with a spray of water from a water bottle. She's learning very quick and at 16 wks, is already a complete pleasure. Of course, she gets kind of wild with my 2 yr old Maltese but that should calm down in time...Good luck!
Wendy P

Barry, I too have a little 5 1/2 mo old guy named Buster. We also are goint thru the puppy training. Yes, it takes alot of work but he's learning fast. I keep him in our small bathroom at night. At first with his blanket, a newspaper and a clock. After 2 weeks he started holding his bladder all night. Now, no papers at night. He stays in our big master bath during the day and we have had him since Nov 1 and he is finally this week holding it all day. When I am home I take him out every few hrs. Especially after a hard play time or after breakfast in the morning. He knows the word "potty" and "sit" He even in the past few days has just gone to the door and looks at me to go out. So just bear with your new baby and keep working on the training. It will work!
Libby & Buster
Barry, I have a 5 1/2 mo puppy, and he is stubborn and a handful, yet he's very smart. As for the biting, my vet gave me some good advice that is working well. She told me to hold his mouth closed and push him to the ground (of course you want to leave his nose uncovered so he can breath) she said hold him down until he stops struggling. Everytime he bites you do this until he learns that you are the dominate one. I've done this with my own puppy and it works like a charm. Every once in a while he tries to dominate me (but even though they're cute, we still pay the bills:) and I have to take him down. Each time it takes less and less time that I have to hold him. I've done this with him maybe a dozen or so times. Hope it helps!
Hi Barry,No, you are not alone. I'm finally having success with my 9 month old. At times I wondered what I had gotten myself into--but then I quickly remembered. She's doing great-finally about the potty training, but still gets me up at 4-5AM every morning. She wants to go 'out' and then go to bed with us. If we don't let her, we are in for the worst and most pitiful crying you've ever heard. At that point. no one gets any sleep. I never thought I'd let a 'dog' sleep with me, but....I never owned a Maltese!!!! Good luck and remember it takes a few months(think about how long it takes to potty train a human!), but you'll have a delightful companion for many years to come.
Barry, Yep! Sounds like a puppy! It gets better. My advise: let her sleep with you; leave her food on the floor so she can eat when she is hungry; watch her so when she does eat you can take her out or to papers; tell her "stop" or some method for the "biting" which is puppy play, (she will do this for a time); and be very, very patient, after all...she is a very young pup. With Taffy I had about two weeks of constantly trailing her and she has been perfect since. This is a very important time, and so little to pay for years and years of the most wonderful love you will ever have.
Robin K
HI, I just wanted to thank all of you for your responses. This web site is wonderful and I look forward to speaking to you all again soon! Your input is priceless! Thanks again! Barry
Hi, Barry! I can well empathize with you on the stress and anxiety of the first couple days with a new puppy! If you're stressed, just think how freaked out your puppy is! Your puppy only wants to make you happy and be happy itself. Remember you got your puppy for love. Your puppy will do almost anything for your love and approval. Just try to ride out the bumpy parts. It will get so much better you can't even believe it!!!
Barry, your pup is very young and the behavior you describe is very normal. The accidents can be reduced by confining your pup to a smaller area and not allowing free run, taking care to be sure he has gone potty before play times. I highly agree with the crate training methods, used alone or in conjunction with a small pen or confining them to a small room. The chewing is part of teething, play, and learning. It's my biggest problem and sometimes I feel like a broken record "NO". A variety of toys and things to chew are much needed. Your pup needs to learn - and will, that you are the boss.

The night crying will abate, but keep your pup in bed with you only if you intend to make this a permanent arrangement - otherwise when you finally put him where you do want him to sleep at night you will have to deal with crying.

Good luck - we don't refer to them as "babies" for nothing - it is like having a child!
Leslie R

I had so much trouble with my late lhasa apso to housebrake him, that this time I followed the book, I bought a crate. And it was a lot easier. The first mistake you made, is take him with you to bed because he was crying. They all do the first few nights, they are missing their mother and the other little ones. You have to stick it out those first few days. All that biting and chewing is normal puppy behaviour - don't forget they are teething - it's up to you to change it. They are little children, they want to play, they want attention. This is the time to form their character, never forget that you are the boss. You can create a nice little doggy or create a monster. Don't give up, it's going to get better and there are so many rewards. I agree with the others, 8 weeks is to young to go to a new home. But like most of us, you probably did not know. We all learn by mistakes.
We all sympathize with you! I just brought Toby home and am experiencing the same thing. He doesn't want to be held all the time, and it's impossible to follow him around all the time, but I must so I can catch him if he goes in the house! I'm crate-training him, but the smallest crate I could find was too big. At night, I turn it up on one end so he can curl up with his blanket. One thing I've found that helps is if I put the crate on end next to my bed and hang my arm down into it. I leave my watch on. If he's crying, he immediately nestles next to my arm and rests his head by my watch. I don't know if it's the ticking or me but he goes right to sleep.
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