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Fabric Licking!
by Clayr

Fabric Licking! This may sound very odd and unusual, but our 8 year old Maltese licks Fabric! When he is in bed with us he licks the sheets and if on the couch the upolstery! Does anyone else's dog do this? It doesn't bother us,we actually think it is cute, but were just curious if anyone knows why he would be doing this? Thanks
My 2-year old boy, Fancy, does this too. Usually it's after he has taken a drink of water. I just figure he's cleaning his tongue!
Sharon and Fancy
Our 14 week old maltese does the same thing. She licks the back of the sofa or like you said if she is in bed with me she licks the sheets and pillowcases. Also if she is on your lap she may lick your clothes. Strange but cute!!!
Alex is almost 8 months old now. He licks the pillow case and the leather chair if I let him. My late lhasa apso also liked to lick the pillow case and the sheets. I thought it may be because those objects have our scent on it.
My puppy licks fabrics too! Beau especially likes my clothes. He seems to like nylon warm ups the best. I don't know why he does this either. I figure that he must smell the soap or something.
My 5 1/2 mo old Buster licks the fabrc on out couch. But I think it's because he smells where our previous Maltese has been. He also licks the bedspread, again where my previous Maltese had been. I'm assuming your Maltese probably smells you or something else that has been in those particular spots. Hope this helps
Libby & Buster
My dog does the same thing. Usually he licks the couch. I could only guess that they may have something on their tounge, or maybe they are just cleaning their mouth? Beats me, but my dog does it too...
Puff's was an avid and DERTERMINED fabric-licker as a pup. We eventually trained him out of it for the most part (although now and then when no one is looking, he still does it). The trainer we used suggested that (especially as it seemed to be mostly bedsheets and slippers ((ICKKK)) that he was interested in) it was possibly that he liked the taste of salt from your sweat. I can't think of a better answer, so I'll go along with that. All I can say is that if your dog is anything like Puff.. I recommend stoping him now (no matter how cute), it got to a point where we were constantly rolling over into soaking wet pillows, sheets, blankets and you can imagine the lovely feel of a slobery wet slipper first thing in the morning .. the little smartalec used to get right down into the toe!
YEP! Phoebe likes to lick the throw pillows on the sofa & tries to lick the leather there - I think it's partly puppy curiosity at first then the taste of us... However, she also likes to chew anything and everything and I worry that she may starte chewing the furniture, so I correct her when she starts the licking.
Leslie R
Count Otto in on the "licking committee". He licks so furiously sometimes, I wonder if he will lick the nap right off the fabric. Pants, shirts, shoes, sheets - it's a wonder they don't sprain their little tongues!
I think we need Fabric Lickers Anonymous! And my Chilli can be the chairdog. Chilli has been a big-time fabric licker since puppyhood. She loves pillows and bedsheets. I think she likes the texture on her tongue and anything with our scent on it. That's my guess! Wendy P, Chilli and Belle
Wendy P
Yup! Count in Baxter, too. It's too bad we can't harness this somehow and benefit from it! Rudy is a licker, but so far only skin - which, I might add, seems to be an obsession with him. It's kind of a game I play... I hold him away and GUARANTEED as I draw him near me, as he gets to within 5 inches, out comes that tongue. He just doesn't stop. Don't get me wrong, cause there's nothing greater than puppy kisses, but too much of a good thing... Any suggestions, or will he grow out of this?
This is typical Maltese behavior. My Noah licks everything he can, even the floor and the walls.
April B.
Can you stand one more? Angel does the same thing. She loves licking the pillowcases and sometimes she'll lay on my lap and lick my pant leg. She also loves to lick the car windows. It must just be one of those little Maltese traits that makes them so endearing.
I'm glad you all mentioned this. Truffles likes to lick leather shoes especially. But at times she actually just licks the air!! She can do that for a long time. I have tried to figure out what she is accomplishing by just licking the air and have not come up with a logical explanation yet! Does anyone have an "air licker"? For such a tiny, she has the longest tongue!
Linda P
OK, last one.. Fergie and Bacci lick everything! sheets, clothes, walls, feet, should I go on! I so far have not found anything wrong with it and it's so cute!
I always assumed that Buddy got what we call the "lickies" as a result of canine epilepsy. It is very interesting to hear that this is apparently a habit of the Maltese breed. He licks sheets, quilts, skin, our clothes,etc. It occurs before and after drinking. And it occurs sometimes when he seizes. Thanks for the information.
I am so glad to hear that my Snoopy is not the only one that does this. He licks everything. He could sit there and lick my arm or my leg forever. Sometimes I wake up and he's right on my face licking away. The one thing that I did not see anyone mention was having them lick other dogs. I have a boxer in my house as well, and Snoopy will constantly lick his face and under his arms. I try to correct him, but it is impossible. He stops when I tell him to, but five minutes later he is at it again...
My five year old Maltese licks when she goes to sleep. She has done this since a puppy and I have never found a way to break her of the habit. I keep a sheet or towel in the chairs that she is allowed to lay in. It kinda cute but can be a problem. Usually she will stop when corrected but starts up again when she thinks you are not looking. Good luck.
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