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Maltese going wild
by donna

Maltese going wild I have just adopted a male maltese who will be 1 year old on the 1/24/98.. I have had him for almost 2 months. Evey so often especially after eatting he go crazy. He runs all over the place and I just can not catch him. In the meantime because he gets so excited he will have an accident. Does anyone out there have this problem and if so how did you handle it.
Sounds to me like he's having a ball playing puppy tag with you:). I doubt it would occur to him that you are not having just as good a time as he is. The more you chase, the more fun it is and the more excited he gets (leading to these unfortunate accidents). Give him time and he'll calm down on his own.. or find another game you can play together that you can both enjoy. If you haven't done so already, obedience training may help.. find a nice group in your area to help get rid of some of that excess energy.
Donna, By going crazy and running, do you mean aimlessly, or happily or what? If he is acting like something is bothering him, maybe he is allergic to the food, maybe a dye in the food or something. Chances are too, that he is just happy and being very playful! Taffy goes on these spurts as well. If she is feeling frisky she will race through the house and back again, chase her tail a couple of times and want to play. It's so cute....but after all that sleeping she does, I guess she just feels really refreshed
Robin K.
Another, get used to it. Andy loves doing this fast-paced figure 8 around the living and dining areas -- he just likes the playfullness. I don't know about the accidents, but I have heard that neutering will cure that. Honestly, this is one of those traits that are friends get such a kick out of -- and boy, for a small guy, he's fast!
Harry and Andy
Shayna & KoKo usually do their thing right after their morning walk while I'm getting their food ready. After they eat they usually go back to bed with their Dad for a hour or so. Sometimes they make another break away in the afternoon. We have never had any accidents during this exercise time, just an occasional running into each other. I'm glad they run off the energy and am glad there is enough room for them to enjoy it.
Donna, My Buster does this also but he doesn't have accidents. He's 6 mos old this Tuesday. He runs around our coffee table until he is panting up a storm. Try taking him out and let him run in the yard if you have one. Or taking him out on the leash and walking him. I know it's hard in he winter but they say it will take care of some of that energy. I've heard the submissive urinating is a puppy thing and they should grow out of it by adulthood (2yrs old).
Libby & Buster
Donna, I have to admit.. I am laughing as I write this. Rocky is our two year old male Maltese and he also has his own routine. His outbursts usually occur in the morning from the minute the family wakes up until we all leave the house. Although he is a sweetheart most of the time, he's lived up to his nick-name "Little Wild Man". My husband is the first one to get up in the morning. While he's downstairs in the shower, Rocky wakes me up by whining and tilting his cute little head until I put him in bed with me. Then it's my turn to shower and he knows enough to behave while Mom's not around. As soon as I turn the corner to go upstairs, I look up to see Rocky's adorable face looking down at me. That's when it all begins! He charges down the stairs toward me, clings onto my towel as though he were a pitbull. I get free and he attacks every one else in the house.. biting on slippers, running around the coffee table in circles, barking and nibbling at ankles. This goes on for an hour non-stop. Finally it's time for my husband to leave for work. As I get dressed upstairs, I hear this awful mixture of growls ands barks getting closer and closer. It's Rocky.. attacking my husband as he climbs the stairs to where I am. As he kisses me good-bye, little Rocky clings from his pant's leg, letting him know it's time to go outside. It's no wonder he sleeps most of the day.
Liz C.
I would like to thank anyone who has responsed to my email.I spoke with the Vet. and she said if it continues all the time especially after eating then it may be that the food is too high in protein. I have just began mixing the puppy Iams with the adult Iams food. She suggested that I keep a log and see what happens.
My husband calls them "hot laps" (it's a term used in car racing). It's why Mika was named after a Formula One racing driver, Mika Hakkinen. I have to agree; it's how the little ones release energy. It's probably especially important in this winter weather. You said your new one has only been with you for a couple of months. I think during this time she probably is also experiencing some stress (as are you, too, it would seem.) Mika enjoys playing hard with us with toys such as her Booda Bone and fleece ball. She even plays tennis ball fetch with her labrador sister. Perhaps you can get her to substitute this activity with a more acceptable game if you don't like it. Most of the Maltese owners I've heard from on this site take joy in the free spiritedness of this romp. I probably would agree with the advice to "get used to it". June and Mika.
Donna, I know exactly what you mean. My "Casey" is a character. I have never seen a dog run as fast as he can, especially in the house, and not hit a thing. I am so worried he is going to smash into a wall or something, but he can stop on a dime...it is amazing. He does this for a few minutes and then settles down. He is 7 months old, so maybe this is the puppy in him. These little dogs are something else. I had a Yorkshire Terrior for 17 years, but he was never like Casey; everyday brings a new surprise! Sandy and "Casey"
Sandy Embry
I am looking for anyone one who can tell me if they have ever taken their maltese boating. My family and I own a boat and since the spring will be here soon, I am hoping I can get our Charlie to enjoy boating as much as we do. I do plan on making him wear a life jacket. I was wondering if they are good swimmers. I know poodles are. Does anyone out there know if maltese like the water. Charlie is fine when I he gets a bath or a shower. I just don't know how he will act when boating.
We've had several Malties her over the past 20 years, and i'll have to say they all have the crazies at some point. It has to be the funniest thing about them,(or maybe the second!)... but seriously, we have one baby now that is blind from diabetes and even she will get the crazies once in a while, go running around tearing up the pee-pee papers and chasing only god knows what, growling and snarling, spinning in circles. I guess thats how she gets her exercise for the week! As for the idea that the foods level of protien is causing it, well.... if it happens a few hours after your baby eats, then maybe but otherwise I'd have to say thats not it, i give my kids IAMS/EUKANUBA and always have, and never had that reaction, plus it takes quite some time for the food to be digested, and anyway protein won't really add to their energy level in that way. The spurts in energy are totally normal, unless they continue for extremely long periods or your kids get destructive i wouldn't worry about it. Let them burn off some steam, have some fun. enjoy 'em!!!! it's a great show!
Gail and Ben
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