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Seperation Anxiety?
by Lauren & Milly!

Seperation Anxiety? Hi, I have a 7 month old female fur baby and every time I go out she will run down the front stairs(which she has just learnt to do) and go straight to the front gate and try and sneak out. Then when I say goodbye she will bark and cry and cry and it makes me so sad to leave her. I have tried giving her toys etc.. to amuse her but nothing seems to work.HELP?

Most places I go I can take her but she won't walk on a leash. I have tried everything, I think she is scared of it or something. Is there something I can do?? Thankyou!

When I leave I give Buster a Kong Toy. Its a toy that's like a odd shaped ball that you put yummies in. It will keep them amused for awhile trying to get the food out. I give it to buster only when I leave and no other time. He gets excited when he sees me filling it. i gave it to him one day while i was there to see how he gets the yummies out. He takes it and bounces it until the food comes out. Try it...its' great
Libby & Buster
My 11-year old, Buddy has had separation anxiety since he was a pup. He gets nervous when he sees me getting ready to leave, and if left alone in the house becomes very destructive. He will eat drapes, scratch carpet up at the doorways, etc. I have had to get a large dog pen which I have in my basement. I laid carpet in it and leave food/water/his toys in it. He, finally has become more adjusted since he has the pen. It smells familiar and I think he must feel safe inside it. He is still nervous but doesn't seem to act so upset when I leave. If your baby is not destructive, perhaps giving him familiar toys/room while you're gone???? Good luck! It is heart-wrenching!
Lauren: Shayna had problems this fall after we returned from a 3 month trip in the motor home. I had to crate her again and am now leaving her free with KoKo. It took 4 months to get her to feel comfortable in the house. She apparently was more secure in the small motor home because we didn't have any problems all summer long. If Milly will not walk with a leash get her in Obedience School immediately. Start using a leash in the house, let her pull it around behind her to assure her it will not hurt her. Go buy some books on training, they will give you some good ideas. Good Luck with your baby.
Hi, Thankyou for that information! I will try a Kong Toy! I was thinking of getting her a pen, so that might come in handy!Thanks again!
Lauren & Milly
I am so lucky I don't have these problems with Taffy, she doesn't like to be alone, and isn't much. She can look so pathetic though when left at home. I wanted to offer a suggestion about the leash though. You might want to try putting on the leash while in the house and let it drag around with your baby a few minutes at a time, then increase. After a while pick up the leash and see if she will follow. Just short times, then if she gets used to it that way, then go outside for a few minutes. I hope this helps!
Robin K.
Where do you find a Kong toy? I haven't seen one at PetSmart. Is it a fairly common toy?
Sandy & Shelby
Please be sure that you supervise your little one when she is draging that leash around, we don't want to see her get hurt. Dogs are den creatures, small places feel secure to them. I suggest a crate. My little girl loves hers. I still get the long face when I must leave her,but a toy, a treat and towel with your scent should help calm her. Get into a class with her, that is your best bet.
It also helps to turn the radio on to a talk station.
RC Cusi
Lauren, after experiencing a similar problem with our beasties refusing to walk on the leash I have to agree with Shelley -- obedience school will fix that and other problems, also it improves their socialisation skills. Basically, the trainer would teach you how to train Milly and correct any "undesirable" behaviour, then you would practice with Milly in between classes. We go to a one-hour class on Saturday mornings which Moose & Squirrel really seem to enjoy. After a few lessons they now heel beautifully on the leash, and will sit, stay or lie down on command (but we are still working on "come" as they only do so when they want to!) Are you in Sydney? -- if so I can suggest a really good trainer if you are interested.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Deanna-I'm so glad to hear that some Maltese owners are taking their little ones to obedience school. We haven't yet to get our precious little one, she's too young, but I have already contacted an obedience trainer and she has me on a list for her next Puppy class. She said there is a little Maltese in her class now, and at 3 1/2 months the puppy heals, sits, down/stay, perfectly! Just because the puppy's are so little doesn't mean they don't need some general/or advanced obedience. She was telling me that Maltese's in an obedience ring, still the show. We can only assume it's because they are so stinkin' cute!!!
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