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Invisible Fence
by Aimee

Invisible Fence A friend of mine is considering an "invisible fence" (she has a 2 year old poodle and a 8 month old yorkie). I do know someone who's used it with a larger breed (lab) and said its great, but was wondering how these little guys would react. Does it hurt them at all? Is it safe? I told her I'd forward any information I can get, both positive and negative. Thanks in advance:)
Ive used it on my big dogs. They liked to dig out from underneath the fence. But I couldnt imagine using it on a Maltese or Yorkie. And with little dogs outside whats to keep a big stray dog from coming in? the invisable fence? My neighbor had her dog attacked and killed by a stray that came into her yard. I would think a regular fence would be better.
Kathy S.
I would NEVER consider using an invisible fence for a small dog even though you can adjust the current.

IT WILL NOT KEEP THE BIG DOGS OR WILD ANIMALS FROM COMING IN. It will only keep the little toy dogs in a trap and render them defenseless.
Beverly B. Passe

I agree with Kathy. My sister has a collie that has "jumped" over the invisible fence and he yelped so much from the shock, my sister cried. She felt awful. Now her dog has a car chasing problem, so she had to do something. The shock, while painful, does not hurt them. However, the dog has to be trained to stay in the fence, and some owners have not been successful in keeping their dogs in or have trouble when other dogs come in the yard. Yorkies and Maltese are small, indoor dogs. I would not use an invisible fence with them.A better and less expensive choice: I have a large, collapsable pen that can be put out in the yard for my Maltese. Most of the catalogs carry these in a variety of sizes.
April B.
I would never use an invisible fence on my Maltese. But thats just my opinion. I take Buster out on a leash.
Libby & Buster
Our cousin has one for their schnauzer. Their first dog got killed by a car. The schnauzer learned to get up a good head of steam and run through it, yip yip yipping all the way. I agree with the others in NOT using it on Maltese or any other toy breed.
Thanks! I didn't think it was such a great idea, but I was more concerned about the whole electric shock thing.. I never considered the possibility of other dogs/animals coming in the yard. I'll pass it on.
I have to agree as well, I would never use an invisible fence on any dog, I think it's cruel. I have part of the backyard fenced with a small fence, where I can see Taffy every moment. When we go out somewhere else, she is on her leash. ALthough we have never seen a raccoon here, we have them as we are by a small lake, so I keep a close eye out. Even hawks will sometimes attack a small breed of dog, so its always good to not leave them unattended anyway.
Robin K.
Thank you Aimee; it was a death in my family as sure as person. It is important to file a police report so there is on public record a vicious dog report, and history. After much disagreement with the owner of the rottwieller, the rott fell on a bullet!!!! Scary thing is they had 2 rotts, and 2 boys under 7 years old and had threatened the owner several times.
cassandra spain
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