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Too much Babying?
by Robin D.

Hi! Last Friday I had my 6 mo. old Bailey spayed and everything went very well. She was real tired on Saturday/Sunday but by Monday was romping and her old self again. Bailey is a pretty quiet girl and doesn't bark much if at all. Here's the kicker - now that she's recuperating I'm babying her even more (didn't think it was possible) and lifting her up and down from the couch because of her stitches. Well, she can get up on the couch without problems but now she is starting to bark if i leave the room for me to come and put her down! It's so funny. Of course I don't mind this now at all but should I not do this anymore (she really can get down on her own now)or wait until the stitches are taken out next week?
I really don't think you can spoil them too much. I have had Buster 4 weeks now (he's 4 months old) and he's spoiled rotten. He also whines when I go out of the room or if he is on the floor he follows me everywhere. He even whines if he is sitting on my hubbys lap and I walk away or sit somewhere else and not beside him. But he's loved bunches! And I blame all the bad habits on myself.
Libby & Buster
I would either make her get down herself once and observe to see if looks to be in any pain and how long it takes her or keep helping her until she gets the stitches out. She could really be in pain getting down. I can see where jumping down onto a hard floor would exert more force for her sore muscles than jumping on to a soft couch. It's hard to tell until the stitches come out and you know she must be feeling better. If she's just trying to train you then you'll need to decide for yourself if you want to be trained or not
I'd probably just keep babying her till the stitches come out. That is funny--and so cute. So why not just play her little game?
I had Avery spayed this summer and she did the same thing. She would get up on the sofa, but need help down. I really think it was because it was painful and she was scared. I just put myself in her place imagining the jarring pain that could be caused by the impact she would be having when hitting the floor. I would give her a few more days, and if she seems to be "playing you" I would start offering treats if she gets down herself. While Avery was in this stage, nothing could get her off of the sofa on her own!
If these kiddos know anything it's how to get themselves spoiled rotten. However, until her stitches are out, I would give her the help she seems to want. As for the long term--Lucy can get down from the sofa and will, but long ago she decided she couldn't get up. I always thought this was "for real," until I had a rescue baby exactly her size who was up and down and all around on the sofa with nary a helping hand from me. Even though Luce could see he was having no trouble, she still puts her little feet up and asks me to help her onto the "big, tall, scary thing." It's a small thing actually...what could it hurt to give in
cathy brown
Too much Babying your message made me chuckle...these pups are such con artists. My sweet dolly would jump on the bed herself when I first got her, but once she missed so she wouldn't jump up herself, I figured she was scared so I would always lift her up to go "beddie-bye" but in the morning i would be in the shower & hear thumps, thought it might be a neighbor, until I got out of the shower one morning, she was dutifully laying by the tub, but ah ha! there was one of her chewies on the bed, just flew up there I guess!!

I also figure maybe she got this behavior since she was raised at a breeders for the first 3 1/2 yrs of her life (she's large & they were know for tiny dogs) and she wasn't one of the lucky 5 that got to sleep with the people in their beds (she slept in her crate) so i think she might not have realized that it was really ok for her to be up there...now as she's figured out that it's ok, she runs & jumps up there all the time, but i still usually have to lift her up at bed time, of course she now has figured out that when i reach down for her, she can roll over & get a tummy rub before bed!!!!

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