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Archived Message
Created a mini-monster?
by k.mager

Have we created a monster? For the last several weeks Sofi's (6mos. old) eating habits have changed considerably. Until we took a two week trip she ate well...anything we put in her bowl, NOW. During our trip she was around another dog that was allowed to eat at will. We had to constantly watch the food bowls because Sofi would eat her's and his! Now we have the opposite problem. I put her food down, she sniffs and walks away. This is causing a problem because we work and she is in her crate during the day, and she does her business outside on a leash. The problem: She will eat out of my hand but not the bowl. For the last week almost every meal has been eaten out of my hand. The second problem is the following: When going outside to do her business, if there is one noise (a leaf hitting the ground will do), car passing, person walking by, dog barking two blocks away, she is distracted to the point of not doing her thing. This has been going on since the day we got her. The only time we have success without driving the parents nuts is at 5:00 am when all is quiet...and God forbid the wind is blowing the trees! It has gotten so bad that we time our trips outside when the neighbor kids aren't playing (even though Sofi loves them) and we have even gone so far as to ask the kids NOT to call out "Hola Sofi!" or we will die of old age waiting for her to finish. Suggestions? Thanks!
I don't have any suggestions on the eating part of your post....but, Taffy gets distracted very easy too. I have finally taught her that when I say "GO POTTY" she gets with it. I just finally quit letting her have a reign, and put my foot down. I stood my ground and repeated over and over, "go potty", then of course praising her to the point of ridiculous and giving her a treat. It has worked though. Now, even if something is "there", I give her that command, and she goes. Good Luck! (I bet she loves eating out of your hand!)
Robin K.
Hi K. Mager, boy oh boy did your post sound familiar , except for the part about visiting and having another dog with different eating habits, my "Peanut" at around the same age just would not eat unless I sat down with him at his dish coaxing him and feeding him out of my hand. I finally said enough and just put his dish down with food at feeding time and said eat, since it is dry food I left it there. Everytime we were in the kitchen I would go to his dish and say eat. It took a day and a half before he got hungry enough to eat without the service. What I realised was that he wanted to be where ever I was so that he didn't miss anything exciting, so as soon as he started eating I stayed in the kitchen until he finished. He would turn and look at me when he finished and I just told him he's a good boy and now the wind won't blow him away. Now for the distraction during potty time, this will pass sort of with time and I believe this is just an age thing. What helped me was to take Peanut out just to explore and get use to all the normal noises. (I also had to ask the kids to ignor him until he potties). If you know your baby's normal potty times and she is asking to go out at different times, its probably because she hears action outside and wants see and get attention from the kids, if after 5 minutes she does nothing bring her in and watch her closely then out again 10 minutes later. Also keep telling her to go potty. Peanut is now 9 1/2 months and it does get better somewhat. I have noticed that now if he HAS to go potty nothing distracts him, he even gives a half hearted woof to let whatever it is know that he knows its there. These babies are so much fun. Good luck!
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