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Archived Message
Tear ducts
by Lysette

Someone responded to another message about having their dog's tear ducts flushed. What's this for? I heard that show dog's owners remove the ducts to eliminate staining but they have to use drops so the dog's eyes don't dry. Is this the same thing or similar?
Lysette, I don't have an answer to your post, but wanted to welcome you to this group, glad you made it here!! There are also archives here, that are wonderful to browse through!
Robin K.
No it is not the same. The tear ducts are flushed to open them up in case they are obstructed. That will allow the tears to go through the ducts like they are supposed to instead of running out of the eyes. In my dog, the tear ducts are so small that he is still tearing a little. The vet explained that when they flush the ducts, they apply pressure and so the liquid has no difficulty going through; but the tears have to go down by gravity and thats not as easy. - I have not heard of suppressing the tear ducts, and it does not seem logical to me. Maybe Jay knows more about that. In case the tear ducts are non existant or to small, there is a surgery to correct it. But my vet is not for it. He said that after a while the ducts are closing again. He said why but I don't remember the term he used to explain it.
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