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Spaying Recovery
by KarenM

Hi all! My Jazz was spayed on Friday. She is 6 months and weighs 4 lbs. She also had four teeth pulled and a tatoo on the inside of her ear. Since we brought her home Friday evening, she has not made a sound. She peed once laying down on Saturday. No bowel movement. This is now Sunday. Still no bowel movement and she squatted for a long time for a couple of drops of pee. She has still not made a sound. She walks rarely and with her tail between her legs and her rear almost touching the floor. She will hardly drink anything although she is eating. We gave her a quarter of a quarter of a 375 mg buffered aspirin 2 x on Saturday but am afraid to give her anymore. I called the Vet on Saturday, but the Vet said she is little and pampered and not used to feeling uncomfortable and the only thing to worry about is vomiting or not eating. I asked about pain killers and she said no that dogs do not need them. Humans do, why not dogs?

This morning we put her in the kitchen and shut the gates. We made her a little bed and her water and food and puppy john are near by. We left her there so we could attend to other things. Normally she would be yelling for us to come back within a couple of minutes, but like I said, she has not made a sound. She just lays there. She is just not herself. She shakes quite a bit. Is she going to be okay? Anything I read says it is a minor operation and they are ususally up and about within two days. Am I worrying for nothing? Thanks for any help.

Karen--Lucy had a bit of a hassle after spaying as well--slept alot, cried a lot. I can't remember any problems with elmination (it's been a about 18 mo), but when people have surgery usually a bowel movement is difficult due to anesthesia, so I wouldn't worry LOTS just yet. Keep an eye on her. One thing I do want to tell you is that my vet said absolutely not to give Luce any asprin (I wanted to give her baby asprin) as it thins blood and isn't good post surgery for that reason. Lucy took about 4 days before she was okay enough to be Lucy again. She did have one problem that may have made recovery a little longer--a staph infection in her stitches that drove her nuts. I wiped her belly with peroxide and put aloe vera on it. Hope this helps. Stay after your vet--mine too said Lucy was just a pampered, spoiled girl (true!) but it turned out she was in misery from the staff infection. I had enough (poor Luce probably had much too much) and called my vet and said I'm bringing Lucy in, period. So, if you feel you need the additional attention for her, take her and don't take no for an answer.
cathy brown
I hope this finds your little Jazz up and doing better! I am sure this is a scary time for you and just wanted to let you know warm thought are coming your way. I am sorry that I don't know anything about the spay, but re: the pain, my vet believes in it and will prescribe for it. He has had my Theo on muscle relaxants for his back, and in his emergency tips, suggests baby aspirin. I THINK, AM NOT SURE, that it is .81 mg (1 pill) every 12 hours, though it sounds like you have tried this. Please let us know how Jazz is doing!
Karen,So sorry about your little one I just had mine spayed-- she too is six months old and walked around with her bottom tucked under her. She wasn't herself until the stitches came out. Good luck.
I don't know what to tell you. I would be worried to. What I don't understand is that your vet said there is no pain killer for the dogs. I had Alex neutered and his tear ducts flushed 3 weeks ago; my vet highly recommended to give him pain medicine (28$), said it's going to help the healing. I gave him only once because he was up and running around the next day. They checked his teeths when he was under anesthesia (I asked them to) and they said his teeths are fine for the moment and that I should only worry about it when he is 9 months old and he still has some puppy teeths. If your baby is still that way tomorrow and your vet gives you the same answer, maybe you should try another vet.I hope she will be better. They say it takes two days. Maybe it's taking longer because of the teeth pulling. Let us know how she is doing.
If Jazz is not drinking try putting an ice cube in your hand and let her lick from it, that worked for me. My baby Misha did not have such a good time after this "routine" operation either. She became quite ill, vomiting everything even water, and she refused all food, she had to be operated on again. She dropped down to a very scary 2 pounds (she now weighs 9 lbs.), and was so lifeless. I am not writing this to scare you, rather to encourage you that if she is eating and keeping it down, that is a good sign. However, if she has shown no improvement by today I would bring her back to the vet. If your vet is not responsive to your concerns definately see another vet. I don't think your over-reacting, your her mom and you know and love her the most, go with your gut if you think she needs further care. Good luck, I know what your going through....
We hope your baby is doing better. A few weeks ago we had Brittney spayed, removed 8 teeth and had her 3rd eyelid (tear duct?) surgically put back in her eye(She had cherry eye). The 1st day or 2 she was wobbly. She also would either snuggle close or distance herself. Kind of confusinng to us. One minute she loved us the next it was get away from me! But she rebounded to 100% within a week, so I wouldn't be worried much longer. Good luck!
David, Cindy and Brittney
Hi Karen, Hope by now all is well with Jazz. I had my Bailey spayed on Friday also and by this morning she seemed to be much better and almost running around but definitely eating and drinking. If Jazz is not feeling better I would suggest either taking her back to the same Vet - just call and make an appointment or trying another. Also my vet did give me some anti-inflamatory pills to give her to make her more comfortable. If you let me know, I will bring in the name tomorrow for you and maybe you can get the same pills. Let us know how little Jazz is doing and Bailey (my little patient) send lots of licks to Jazz.
Robin D.
Thanks for all your kind posts. It is Monday evening and Jazz is doing better, although she peed on me twice. Both times when I went to pick her up. She is still afraid to go pee...maybe she got some on the stitches and it stung... She has had a couple of bowel movements so thats good. She is eating well and drinking a bit more. She started talking today and even played psycho dog! My husband stayed home with her today. She has zonked out again this evening but I know from my own abdominal surgeries (cesaereans) that it was usually two steps forward and one back for awhile. I was really worried yesterday so I really appreciate all of your posts! Thanks, KarenM.
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