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Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that most of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinary medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.
Archived Message
by Marty

I have just purchased a Maltese, ( Mandy,9 weeks old). After only 2 days of having her she ended up in hospital with vomiting and a little bit of diarrhea. The vet cleared her of parvovirus and he said she just had stomach upsets maybe from stress change of diet etc. Now after two days in hospital she has come home and has been as contended and happy a puppy as you could ask for but only two days later she has got another bout of diarrhea again, only worse this time. We have been giving her, on the vets advise small amounts of rice and chicken. She is also on medication, Amoxil tablets. Can anyone advise me on how to treat her diarrhea?
Dear Marty, I am sure you have read the disadvantages of purchasing a 9 week old puppy. Have you notified the breeder who sold you a Maltese with Parvo Virus? This is a serious matter, and you could very easily lose you puppy. A nine week old puppy should still be with the person responsible for bringing this unfortunate little one into this world. It already has a bad start from not having the proper innoculations when sold to you. After all the education presented to all who read this board, I must wonder if any of it actually sinks in? Didn't your veterinarian instruct you how to treat the diarrhea? Can't you discuss this with the person who profited from the sale of a sickly dog? You must get professinal help and follow up with it. There is no advice anyone should be giving you than what the breeders and smart owners have been trying to stress. Do not buy a maltese at such a young age and please make sure the person responsible for producing these dogs have them vet checked and innoculated before they hold their hand out for your cash.
Hi Marty, this is from another Marti. I'm not trying to reprimand you...only trying to help you. Did the Vet test for Coccidia? If this was not mentioned, take a stool sample immediately to the Vet. Coccidia is so serious, but can be overcome with medicine and extra, extra care in disenfecting her area, your hands/clothes, etc. Since she is not in control of her bowels, relocate her to a small bathroom, etc because she will stay in too close of contact with her feces if kept in a crate right now.If you have other pets, watch them closely as the coccidia can be transmitted by your clothes and hands. Yes, we went thru the Coccidia nightmare too (breeder paid Vet costs). If it's not Coccidia, make sure she is not getting any dairy products. My heart goes out to you and your pup.
Marty, I am sorry to hear of your little one's illness, but am glad it is not Parvo (if I understood you correctly.) Let us know what happens. You might ask your vet about Liquepec(sp?),or if there are any human over the counter remedies, if he is not accessible to you to get the Rx from (some in our group live in rather isolated areas.) Best of luck, please let us know what happens.
Darlene, I'm sorry if you misunderstood my original message, but Mandy did not have Parvo when we got her. The vet checked her for it and found no sign of it, (Cleared her of it). Her diarrhea has cleared up a bit and she is getting back on her feet, she is eating well, and in good spirit. Thanks to you and everyone for your concern and wishes.
Hi again..glad to hear she's better. I forgot to mention 2 things in my original posting.

(1) Albon is the prescription med for coccidia.

(2) My friend put a litter of Border Collies on Purina Puppy Chow, with no markings on front of package as to flavor. All pups began having diarhea..seems that the powder coating on that particular UN-NAMED flavor is a powdered milk coating...threw out that stuff and got Eukanuba, and all OK now...that's why I cautioned you about dairy. Happy Holidays to you and your new litle one.

Hi Marty! My sister's dog is having similar problems that your dog is having. he has been throwing up for the past 3 days and has had diarrhea. the vet tested his blood and didn't find anything unusual, but the whole family is getting scared that maybe the vet missed something. does anyone have any idea what could have caused this and what can be done? any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
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