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Bad teeth
by anthea

My 4 year old maltese male has recently had 11 teeth removed they were all loose and his gums were infected. He seems happier now, but I've noticed my 2 year old female seems to be developing the same problems. my other dogs are fine. Is this genetic? I feed lots of bones and raw chicken wings , dried food and hamburger mince with riceAnyone got any ideas?
May I ask....why do you give lots of bones, what kind of bones are they? And why raw chicken wings? This may be my opinion only, but I do not think the raw chicken wings are good for your dogs. Do you Make your own dogfood? I once lived overseas and had to make dogfood for my big dogs, I used cooked meat, papaya, a spinach type vegetable, brown rice, garlic, carrots, I think that was everything. The dogs were very healthy. I never fed raw meat as these days it has so much bacteria in it. I think the bones may be hard on your dogs teeth and I have heard never to feed dogs chicken bones as they splinter. If you do live where you can't get dog treats, such as Milkbone, you can also make those to help their teeth, but it sounds too late for this. I hope I have helped a little.
Robin K.
Daily brushing with a good doggie tooth paste and a yearly cleaning will greatly help to preserve and prolong good dental health in our little ones.
Robin, Believe it or not, many people seem to feed the raw chicken wings to their dogs and believe that it reduces tartar. I never heard of such a thing, but not so long ago there were a number of posts on Isabelle's email list from breeders and others who are feeding raw chicken wings/bones. They say that if the bones are not cooked, they do not splinter. The opinons pro/con WERE mixed on this, but it seems to be something that is done. Caught me by surprise, too, since I was always told no chicken bones, but there it is. So don't be too hard on Anthea!
cathy brown
Cathy, I tried to write my post very nicely, as I was not hard on Anthea at all. I only wanted to understand the situation they are in. I know sometimes it's hard to find the right things to feed. And, thanks, about the chicken wings, I did not know that. The only reason I said, "it may be too late", is because the baby has already lost 11 teeth, and I understand Anthea is asking for suggestions to help save the rest. If I sounded at all harsh, I did not mean that at all...but I don't think I did sound that way.
Robin K.
Robin, Snowy's vet also recommended raw chicken wings ... i.e. 2 a week. He mentioned that it has the right calsium to phosphorus proportion besides keeping their teeth clean. This view was also shared by 2 other vets I spoke to. A breeder I know feeds her Maltese dogs raw chicken necks!
Anthea: First of all, I am very sorry about your pet's teeth. It sounds to me like you have tried to give your pets a natural, healthy diet without commercial foods and are probably are very attuned to their needs. I am new to pet ownership, but I have been doing quite a bit of research on diet which I think is the most important aspect of keeping animals (including humans) healthy. I have taken Lucca, my 5 1/2 month Maltese, to both an allopathic and a holistic vet, both of whom are highly regarded and will work together. The allopathic does not focus on diet at all, while this is the primary focus of the holistic vet. When I asked the holistic vet about keeping Lucca's teeth clean (should I brush, etc.), she said "Just give him raw bones and he'll never need his teeth cleaned." I trust her advice, so I am giving it a try with a piece of raw marrow bone once a week. You didn't mention if tarter is the problem. Perhaps your pets have some type of gum disease. What does your vet say? Have you consulted a holistic/homeopathis vet to discuss this problem? I really have no advice to give you, but I am interested in your pet's progress because I, like you, am trying to do the best I can to provide my pet with safe, natural nutrition. Good luck and keep us posted.
Robin--it sometimes is difficult to write posts with the correct nuances--I wasn't suggesting that you were being crabby with Anthea at all. Just wanted to let you know that incredibly (to me, at least) chicken wings seem to be an appropriate "toothbrush" for the babies...I should have added a happy face at the end (except I can never remember how to do it!). Sorry if you felt put upon.
cathy brown
Several months ago there was a discussion here about a dog biscuit, only available through veterinarians, that was supposed to do wonders for preventing tartar on our baby's teeth. I think maybe it was MarshaA who knew about it? Anway, if anyone remembers what this biscuit is, please let me know, as I would like to get some for Jazz.
Marsha O& Jazz
Marssh. Lucy gets C.E.T. chews at the vet They are specially treated to get rid of tartar. I believe I wrote a post about them quite a while back, but Marsha A may also have had info. Lucy goes in for shots/checkup next week. I should be albe to update you on how well they worked after the vet has a look in her mouth!
cathy brown
Casper (2 years old) has bad build up. I am taking him to the vet for a cleaning. This could of been eliminated if I brushed his teeth regulary. This also causes bad breath. I give Casper milk bones twice a day and parsly tablets to help with his breath. As far as raw chicken, my concern would be salmonella.
Thanks, Cathy! Yes, I do believe it may have been you and Lucy who told us about this. Are the C.E.T. chews biscuits? Please do report back what your vet says about Lucy's teeth. How long has she been using C.E.T.?
Marsha O & Jazz
Bad teeth Hi,When I bought my baby girl, the breeder told me to prepar a special meal for Milly thins consisted of, Mince, carrots, potatoes, pumkin and a few other little things. Milly had been raised on this since she was old enough to eat by herself. Since this particular meal doesn't have all the vitamins etc.. I soon switched to Eucanuba(spelling?) The breeder also said that raw chicken wings were great for there gums and teeth. I only gave Milly raw chicken wings when she was very young. Now I'm afraid she'll eat the whole thing as they have some nasty little splintry bones in them.Bye for now. Lauren
Lauren Brier-Mills
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