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Masculine looking males?
by Tricia

I just bought a male maltese puppy. I love the top knots, etc. But how do you make a boy look boyish? Do you buy boyish bows? I fear I'm giving him a complex. (especially since I've only had females before and keep calling him a her.)
Look up on the Maltese Only banner. Thats a boy maltese. He looks masculine with his bows.
I think I would use only blue bows, maybe brown and tan, green...you know, boy colors! I bet he is very handsome!
Robin K.
It's unlikely you're giving a dog a complex. One of the many great things about dogs is that they are not burdened with the ridiculous gender stereotypes that we humans impose upon ourselves. The colour of a bow does not make a dog (or a human for that matter) male or female.Have a nice day
Graham & Salty
Oh lighten up Graham. Regarding your male/bow delimma; I suggest using the very tiny barettes (sp?) used for babies that have rubber backing on them. They will stay in, lay flat and come in every color. I don't use the bows because the barettes are easier and I cause less stress. Good luck.
Our little boy Louie usually gets a blue ribbon and quite often we have his hair cut short in a puppy cut. He is definitely a male once you look into his wonderful face. A real little tough guy but sooo loving. Male or female just enjoy your little one. My 6'4" husband at first wouldn't walk Louie because he was a "woman's type of dog". Now he couldn't be prouder to be seen walking down the street with him!
I have 3 boys and keep they cut short on top. It helps with the eye staining too. My one looks like a girl, but who cares as long as they are cute!!!!
Nancy, I'm so glad that your husband has discovered that "it takes a big man to walk a small dog..."
Beverly B. Passe
Tricia, if it were just me and my Noah, I might do a bow. I cut him myself with the hair about an inch and a half long. The hair on his head kind of stands out and he has a little moustache and a beard that looks both masculine and adorable on him.
April B.
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