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hair bows
by Katie

I have a 5 month old Maltese, which I got a month ago because she is so small. Kegan will only reach 3 pounds, if that much. I keep trying to put her hair back away from her eyes because they tear so bad. She does not like me doing that. Will they grow out of that? Also, does the tearing problem eventually fade away - it stains around her eyes? Thank you.
Katie, There is a lot in the archives about tear staining, and on the main MalteseOnly site in the index. One thing I do is keep the fur under the eyes very, very short. You have to be very, very careful doing this to. Taffy has learned to be very still while I am doing this. As with everything else, they usually get used to whatever you do routinely, so I am sure she will get used to you keeping her fur back on her head.
Robin K.
Katie, I also have a 5 month old maltese puppie. He also hate having his hair put up, but recently I have found wonderful little pony tale holders that make the problem much better. They resemble the pony tale holders that Barbies come with but are a little bigger, and easier to handle. They come in neon colors(neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, and neon pink) and also in black. They are made by scucie and come in a small clear plastic square package. Since I have bought these, Toby doesn't care if he has his hair pulled back out of his eyes. You can buy them at Target and let me tell you, they're worth it. They actually stay in, too, Toby keeps them on for exactly a day, and a night, and then I have to put a new one in. Well, I hope I was of help, and good luck.
Nicole, I'm not sure what kind of pony tail holders you mean. Are they elastic or made of material? I would be interested in finding them. How big are they? Would they be large enough for my hair? Or do they come very small?? We just got a Target..so now I hope I can find them..Thanks...Carla
The ties she is talking about are made of some sort of plastic (kind of like the gimp kids play with)...I use them on my maltese also and she doesn't mind!
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