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Help-Maltese Gone Wild!
by April B.

Noah has always been a sweet boy, until lately. It seems like whenever I leave the room, he misbehaves. He knocks over the wastebaskets and shreds the paper, or shreds the napkins in the kitchen. This morning when I went to wake up my son for school, he pooped on the carpet. He has never done this before! Since the weather has turned colder, he wants to play all the time. We have regular play time, but he never seems to get tired. He acts as if he will do anything for attention and you guys know he gets plenty. When I can't take him with me, he stays in his crate and he settles down well. He also has a pen in our heated garage that he likes. My husband thinks he is getting spoiled. What can I do to get Noah back on track?
Please let me know if you figure out what to do. I have similar problems with my E.B., although I've blamed them on our puppy. Last night E.B. chewed an ink pen into an unrecognizable shape when I left the room for a couple of seconds. A few days ago, he chewed the back of of a rug. Previously, he was a well-behaved 8-yr.-old. Now he stays in a cage like a puppy. I don't know what to do either!
April, Jay has a great article on the MalteseOnly site index, it's called How Puppies Think, or close to that! Sorry, I should have taken a look again. But, I read the whole thing and its true and very helpful about what to do, and the best I have read that explains why dogs are "bad". These little ones love us so much that they would do anything for attention and love.....but remember, they will also behave for the same reason! Please read that, and I hope it helps!
Robin K.
Thanks, Robin. I'll do it.
April B.
April, We have 3 little guys that we love dearly. A couple of years ago we had only one, when we left him with someone while away for a couple of days, it seemed like when we got home he would make us pay for it. When we got the 2nd little guy things got better and now with the 3rd we have our hands full of fun, and no big pr Is your situation such that you have to leave the house for any length of time? This could be the answer to your problems. Any possibility for a little friend? If none of this is possible I would suggest a lot of toys and alot of praise when he plays with them. Well, hang in there. There's something special about a malty!
Dan R.
Jackson dances, Coconut will not let anyone near my daughter, Lily pulls on your clothes until you pick her up and Kai Lana just rolls with the punches. They all get temperamental and leave special presents for us from time to time. We have all been fortunate enough not to step on these special treats so far. These special dogs are characters and have a mind of their own. Just enjoy them and soon they will be on to other nuances to make you smile and put joy into your life. Happy trails to you and your little fur friends. Vi
Thanks, everyone! Noah is back to his wonderful little self. I have started including him on walks and more playtime with our cat, Tiger. He is a joy!
April B.
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