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Booda Velvets-OK to Chew?
by Annette

Has anyone had any experience or knowledge if Booda Velvets, a dog chew, is safe and OK to give to puppies? The reason I'm concerned is that Mikee and Angel LOOOOVEEE them! So, there must be something wrong with them! I took the rawhide chew sticks away from them as they were getting older and their little teeth were stronger and able to pull chunks off the stick. I was afraid they would choke on them while I was not home or watching.

Here are the ingredients: Cornstarch, vinyl-alcohol copolymer (biodegradable)--whatever that is!--, water, sorbitol, glycerine. Maybe the sorbitol is sugar based and is the reason they like them so much. I have to create a MAJOR diversion to retrieve the Booda bones from them. So far I only let them have them for a few seconds at a time. I don't want to give them something that would ruin their appetites for food as they are such good little eaters. Thanks!

My little baby absolutly LOVES them! She is one year old now and shes been getting booda velvets for a while now. The only problem I have seen is that if she eats too much of it in one sitting she will get loose stool. I try not to let her eat more that half of the small size bone in one day. She would eat the whole bone in one sitting if she had her way! You may just want to be careful when the bone gets really small I usually throw it away because I don't want her to choke or anything. You can check with your vet but I never saw a problem. Good luck with your babies!
Annette, I don't know anything about Booda bones myself, but I know that there is something in the archives (I saw it some time ago when I was browsing through the "selected older questions archived here" section). Not sure if it was Booda Velvets, though.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Booda Bones are bad, I got some for my Yorkies and Maltese. My littlest Yorkie got sick,vomiting and loose poop. I took her to the vet along with the Booda Bones. The first thing he asked me was I giving her any thing new to eat. I gave him the Boodas. He said no wonder she is sick and proceded to throw them in the trash. Gave her a shot and said mo more Booda Bones. I now stick to Milk Bones and for treats Puperoni sticks.
Hi everyoone! Great Site!!! We give our baby a Booda Bone every now and then. She takes up to a week or more to eat it and we have never had a digestive problem with her related to the bones. We actually end up throwing about a third of it away because she has had it so long. We also give her the lean Pupperoni treats when she pees or poops on her pads.
David, Cindy and Brittney
Our "Baby" had bladder stones and was therefore not able to eat rawhide sticks. We tried the nylabones and she wouldn't touch them. We tried the boodas and she loves them. We checked with our vet and he said they were neutral to the dog's digestive system. We give her half a stick (the small size) once a week. It does seem to pass right through her in her bowel movements in a light colored form. It does seem to keep her teeth clean and hopefully will not affect her bladder stone problem.
I'm sorry I don't know what a Booda Velvet is... I give my babies either the Hertz Natural Rawhide bone or the white rawhide bones that you get at petsmart...Is this bad that I'm giving them these??? They like them so much.
Ingredients of Booda Velvets:
Natural corn starch, "vinyl-alcohol copolymer", water, sorbitol, glycerine. I purchased this, and will not feed to my Maltese. Somehow I don't feel my kids need the addition of "plastics" in their diets. There are far safer treats available. How about a raw carrot or apple?
Linda Coleman~Lin Lee Maltese
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