Maltese Black points
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Black points
by Carla
Started on 11-23-97
I was wondering if anyone knows how long you before the black eye rims are all the way in... Natasha is 14 wks old. The breeder told me that it would probably come in all the way since it has already come in on the left eye, top and bottom. And on the right eye, mostly on top and and on the bottom its starting in the corner closest to the eye going out. Whew!! That was hard to explain. She mentioned something about sunlight helping. Any thoughts about this?? Right now she looks like patch!! She's sooooooo cute!!!!! Thanks all~ Carla
Dear Carla, Since no one has answered your question, I'll give it my best shot. Your breeder knows her line better than anyone else so I assume she knows what she is talking about. It does sound like your puppy's eye rim will come in from what you describe. I like the eye rims to be in within a week or so of birth as I consider it very important to Maltese expression.

Sun does seem to help draw these slow eye rims in, but use care to make shade always available. Under no circumstances use a sun lamp as it can cause blindness. From what you describe my guess would be that the rim would be mostly in by a year of age (that is a sheer guess). Remember if you consider breeding that this is a fault. In my opinion the earlier the rims come in, the better. As far as I know black eye rims or lack of black eye rims to not effect the well being of the dog in any way. It is sheerly a "type" and expression attribute that a breeder would consider. Enjoy your Maltese and ignore it, or love her more because of that tiny flaw which makes her unique!

Beverly Passe
Beverly B. Passe 11-29-97

Thanks Beverly!!!
Carla 11-30-97
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