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Leash Woes!
by Heather
Started on 11-23-97
We have a two year old doll with lots of personality and spunk! She is the "queen of the castle" and she knows it! When she was younger, she loved walking on the leash-we use that expandable line leash that allows her to run ahead of us about 6 feet. But, within the last 6 months, she will start out on the leash just fine.....but within a block or so, she will stop abruptly and refuse to walk. She will sit down, yank backwards on the leash and use all of her 6 lb. body to dig in her heels! We have tried everything but dragging her-I've used treats to no avail, tried walking in all different directions and starting in all different locations....she just refuses to continue the walk, but will gladly turn around to go home. It may be a case of "spoiled dog syndrome", but I prefer to think that she has just come to love the familiar territory of her own yard and home. Our neighbors think it is hilarious! (On these short walk, she barks like a crazy women at any other dogs passing by on their walks...or kids outside playing). Any advice? Are our walking days over?
Before I share this thought with you, I need to confess: Lucy is abolutely, positively spoiled. So any "problems" she has are really mine, okay. Lucy loves to be outside. She loves her walks. And, she is totally in charge of direction, stops and starts, etc. (see, I told you she's spoiled--we both learned better in obedience class!). I've just come to accept this. And, while she rarely sits down, plants her bottom, and refuses to move when we're on the walk (rainy days being a bit of an exception), her issue is coming IN from the walk before she's completely explored every nook and cranny of the neighborhood she needs to check on. Then, she acts just like your baby. My solution (remember, she's spoiled) is to go where she wants to go (sorry everyone!). (I have been known to just pick her up and carry her home, however.) Now, here's the advice. If you once did obedience training, return to basics and remind her you are the Alpha. If you never did obedience training, sign her up. Once she stops seeing herself as the Princess of all She Surveys and "remembers" who's in charge of the pack, she will probably come around. My only other thought is that something may have frightened her in or near the area where she refuses to go--a loud, unexplained noise, something she heard/saw, or thought she did. You might try coaxing her ahead telling her "it's okay." to see if that moves her.
cathy brown 11-23-97
Our 7 mth old does this too. I always assume she's tired of walking when she does this, so I pick her up for a while to let her rest while I'm walking and then she walks again later in the walk.
Joy 11-23-97
My 10 year old "Baby" also does the sitting thing too. When I take her for a walk, it's usually a short one as I think she gets tired fast. I don't think it's her age because she has been doing this since she was a puppy. She knows I will pick her up and carry her on our walks...she runs our life and we love it!
Marilyn 11-24-97
My sweetie is new but won't move on leash. He is like a deer in the headlights. My vet said to take a very light training leash and clip it to his collar when I'm watching him around the house. Once he's used to it, take him for "walks" through the house. Then when he's used to that, venture outside. I don't know if it works, but maybe? P.S. Mine's already totally spoiled. How can you not?
tricia and beau 11-24-97
My sweetie boy is 8-1/2 years old. He, too, loves to take walks and display his independence. If I unleash him and allow him to walk alongside me, command him to sit periodically during the walk, and praise him many times he responds to the leash toward the end of the walk pretty good. The walk takes place in an open park with plenty of free space void of traffic. I suggest you try this method out in the open and command him to sit and walk numerous times during the walk, adding the leash at the end. During the next walk, add the leash a little earlier. Try ignoring him and see if he follows - that works but without a leash, of course.You may want to try different locations for your walk. Most of all, be sure to praise him for his good behavior.
Bugsy 11-25-97
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