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Archived Message
Male vs. female
by Frank V
Started on 11-23-97
My wife and I wish to purchase a maltese for ourselves. There are no children and we just want a good pet to love and enjoy. We have been given different information concerning the male and female differences and the outside of the obvious ones, we are now a bit confused as to what sex we should be seeking out. Can anyone assist us in this area?Thanks FrankV
I have a male and a female maltese. Bailey is 13 months old and very loving. He loves to be on our laps and with us at all times. Natasha is only 14 weeks old but I can already see the personality differences. She is much more independent than him. I love them both dearly. It depends on what you are looking for. They are both loving pets. He tends to be a little more loving. I had heard that males were from many different people. This holds true in my house. One thing, she already seems to be potty training much better than him. Good luck with your new baby. :) Carla
carla 11-23-97
Frank, This is only a personal preference, but after having both, I prefer females. They don't seem to be as "studly" as males, and don't seem to have that urge to "mark" territory, although I have seen Taffy do this! Both sexes of this breed seem to be wonderful though. I just like having a little baby girl!
Robin K. 11-23-97
Frank, we had a little girl, Precious, and she was very loving, a perfect baby in every way, and was born house-broken, almost! We lost her this past August and now have a little boy AND a little girl. Let me tell you about Mikee! He was born house-broken! He is such a little lover! He runs and jumps into my lap. He cuddles. He gives kisses. He minds! He comes when called. He's not a cry-baby. He adapts to ANY situation. He's good at the vet's. He goes to sleep when I brush him. He's up to 85 words per minute on the computer. We LOVE him dearly!

Let me tell you about Angel. Nick-named, the "Wild-Child!" She thinks her name is "Angel-No!" She goes on the paper when it suits her. She will not come to you, she barks! She loves to be loved WHEN she initiates it. She is a major cry-baby. She cries with any new situation. She thinks the vet only wants to take her temperature. She's not happy being brushed, but will allow it. She won't lay still long enough to use the computer. We LOVE her dearly!

Summary: Each baby, boy or girl, is different. I don't think anyone can say which sex will definitely do "what". Wishing you and your wife much happiness with your new baby, boy or girl. If you've never had a Maltese before, you can't imagine the joy you are in for!
Annette 11-24-97

I just purchased a baby boy maltese. I have always had female dogs (of varying types), so assumed I would also want another girl. I held "Beau" and fell in love. They say that you don't pick the puppy; the puppy picks you. Try to look at the litter with no prejudice against any and see which dog likes you and that you are comfortable with. So far (2 days), Beau has had no accidents, paws at the door to go out (he's 4 months) and is calm, sweet and the best behaved dog I've ever had. (then again, this is the first dog that I've had where I've had alot of time to spend with). Good luck!
Tricia 11-25-97
Frank- I asked everyone I could find when we were looking for a maltese puppy which was the better house dog, male or female. Initially I was worried about a male being a more aggressive dog. I was told that there seems to be no personality difference as far as that goes, especially if you have the male altered when he is young. Also, the majority of people I spoke with said that they preferred males to females. I just went to see the puppies with an open mind and chose the male. He is better suited to our personalities. He was much more open and friendly than his little sister. I have never once regretted this decision. He is the perfect puppy! I am sure though that you will find the parents of females feel the same way. My suggestion is to visit the litter and play with the puppies. You should have no problem finding the right one for you. I have found they have very distict personalities with a lot of good common traits. Good luck on your decision. Let us know how it goes...
Sherri 11-25-97
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