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Archived Message
Barking Puppy
by Brooke
Started on 11-22-97
My Maltese, Crissy, is almost 6 months old now. She barks all the time. It doesn't matter if she's in the house or outside. She barks at anything. Can anyone help us with ways to stop her from barking. She's driving my family and neighbors crazy. Will it pass as she gets older?
Hi Brooke, Snowy went through a barking stage when he was about 3 1/2 months. We (my husband and I) curbed it immediately as we didn't want it to develop into a real problem. At that age I think it is much easier. We tried saying NO but that was often not very effective. Then we went through the water pistol stage where we would carry water pistols everywhere and when he barked we would squirt water in his face. He didn't like that much so he stopped barking immediately. However, it didn't stop him resuming after a few minutes. However, I think it did curb him a little. I think he got the idea that we don't like him barking but it must have been too good for him to give up. We then decided that he has to know that we are not only displease but is really angry about it. So we decided to throw a tantrum everytime he barks ... you know really sound like we are angry, making a bit of noise (stamping feet, arms waving wildly, screaming NO ... I read in a book that you can even try banging some pots and pans together, just to create the noise but not to harm them). Because he doesn't see that very often, he tends to associate that with something that has really angered us. Well, my acting wasn't that good so it wasn't that effective but my husband did a good job as his NO sounded like a growl and his actions must have been more realistic. Snowy just rolls over and decided that he didn't want to annoy Daddy anymore. Anyway, the whole episode lasted for about 2 weeks. To be honest it wasn't that Snowy was barking all the time but he barks when he gets excited like when we play with him or when he wants to invite other dogs to play. He just bark, bark and bark then. I hope that Crissy's barking problem is as easily solved.
Sim 11-23-97
I had a bad morning a couple of weeks with mine barking constantly. I lightly "misted" her in the face after telling her "No Bark". after 2 times, she stopped. I think barking is fine if there is a reason, but I can't "go" the constant barking and neither can my neighbors. We've had no more problems in that department.
Joy 11-23-97
Hi. Help help. Eighteen months ago I adopted a two year female (Maltese?). She is sweet buy has obviously had little training..ie she does anything she wants. She barks non-stop when she is outside or when people come into the house. She will stop for some men but starts again at once. She doesn't even slow down for mommy. Any ideas?
janet 11-25-97
Several years ago my father asked me to "babysit" his dog, a male min. schnauzer (sp?). The entire episode lasted 4 months! This dog was not well bahaved AT ALL and amoung other things, barked constantly, CONSTANTLY! After trying everything, scolding, crating (something he had never been exposed to), etc., I finally bought a muzzle. Everytime the dog started barking, I put the muzzle on him and left it there for about 10 min. The first week was miserable (I took 2 days off work since my neighbors were ready to burn my house down). I spent most of my time either chasing the dog or bent-over. Over time I needed to use the muzzle less and less...THIS DOG WAS NOT VERY SMART. Maybe this will help if you want to use this radical approach.
k.mager 11-26-97
Taffy was getting into the habit of barking as well. I tried the squirt bottle, and it worked for about a week. Then I tried another suggestion posted in this group, growling! It worked! If people could hear me they would think I have flipped! When Taffy barks, when she's not supposed to, I growl saying, "NO", or "Taffy, NO" using a growling sound as I say it. She stops, and I have once again become the dominant dog! Remember, if you do this make it a ferocious sort of growl, a little play growl won't work. Good luck!
Robin K. 11-26-97
Brooke, We have been dealing with the same thing for the past couple of weeks. I asked our instructor in obedience class and she suggested that when I want him to stop barking to say "cut" in a firm voice. Then, when he stops barking to praise him like crazy. She said not to tell him no because there are times that you want him to bark. Also remember, dogs as a rule have very sensitive hearing- he may be barking at something you cannot hear. If you have a problem getting your dog to pay attention to what you are saying when he is barking, you might try taking an empty soda can and filling it with rocks or beans. When your dog barks, throw it down (don't let him see if possible and definitely be careful not to let it bounce and hit him) and then say your code word. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
Sherri 11-26-97
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