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Getting Rid of Otomax?
by cathy brown
Started on 11-22-97
Have been treating Carty's ear infection with Otomax. Now his hair on that ear is all greasy and stringy from the leftovers. It sort of looks like he has vaseline in his hair. I had him to the groomer, but he came home with the gook still there. Does anyone have a "potion" that might remove it? Thanks, we'd both appreciate it!
Dawn Detergent is an excellent degreaser but can be harsh. Use it only on the "greasy hairs," rinse well and be careful not to get it in the eyes. Rubbing alcohol might work, also. Good luck.
Beverly B. Passe 11-22-97
Cathy, While I can't offer you any suggestions, I sincerely hope your doggie's problem will go away. I have read that a Maltese owner should pay close attention to the hairs inside the dog's ears. I had Rocky's ears done (plucked) only twice in 1 1/2 years. Some professionals recommend that this be done regularly to prevent bacteria or the like from forming. I am extremely careful about wetting his ears when I bathe him. I gently clean his ears with a cotton swab and, to date, we have been fortunate. Best of luck to you and yours.
Liz C. 11-22-97
Hi Cathy, I too, use the Otomax with both my little ones at this time for preventative purposes as one of my babies had a horrible ear problem so it all began there and my Vet has advised me to put a dab in their ears on a now and then basis. Anyway, I hate that ointment cause as you say it greases up their hair. My groomer is always alerted when I used the Otomax cause she uses extra shampoo in that area to make sure the grease is gone. There is really not much you can do other than to keep bathing the area with shampoo. Good luck. Pat
Pat 11-22-97
Beverly, thanks for the Dawn suggestion. I will give that a try. I thought the groomer would get it out, but unfortunately that was not the case--even though she once got all the vaseline off Luce when I used it to remove a tick. Liz, Carty's ears are plucked every 4 weeks at the groomer, and I keep an eye on both him and Luce in between. Not sure about this ear thing. Carty is my rescue baby and has more than his fair share of vet problems--allergies, asthma, conjuctivitis, etc. Also, the bathing is done at the groomers as well because the first time I tried to bathe him he put his arms around my neck and wouldn't let go. It was pretty tough getting the soap out without soaking me, him, and the entire kitchen. I know the groomer is careful about water in the ears, so don't think it's that. Carty's been through enough in his little life (that's why I don't try baths at home anymore--he somehow doesn't mind at the groomer). If he were a person, I would think that one of the ways he managed to get attention at his old home was by manufacturing illnesses (we can do this, you know, so why not dogs!). At any rate, this is the first ear infection, but not the first item in a very long list of trips to the doctor! Maybe now he knows I will make sure he is taken care of he won't have to get anything else for a while!! Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if I can get him through an "ear-wash" with some Dawn.
cathy brown 11-23-97
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