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White shaker dog syndrome
by Doris
Started on 12-07-97
White shaker dog syndrome Can give me some information on White Shaker Dog Syndrome?
Dear Doris -- I hope that the reason you ask for this information is not too close to home. I don't know anything about it myself, but the following reference may be of help. The journal should be available to read or photocopy at any University library which teaches Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Science, or you can order it through the free medline search service (only the searching is free!) for about $25. This is the URL for the free medline: http://www.healthgate.com/HealthGate/MEDLINE/search.shtml and this is the only relevant reference that I could find: Vanvooren N; A suspected case of idiopathic generalised tremor (shaker disease) in a shih tzu. (Veterinary Record. 136(22):568, 1995 Jun 3.) Unique Identifier 95407046 Good luck!
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel) 12-10-97
White shaker dog syndrome I dont know anything about this, but I have two puppies a male and a female that have a noticeable little tremor when they are sitting still. Has anybody ever noticed that with any of their puppies? Is this something they grow out of? Any information would be helpful.
Karen 12-14-97
Doris, my Baby came down with White Dog Shaker White shaker dog syndrome Syndrome four weeks after I adopted her (a rescue). A neurologist told me it is a disease of the cerebellum and it is treated with Prednisone. Baby was tested with an MRI and a spinal tap prior to the diagnosis of the sydnrome. She had been on the steroid since July with decreasing dosages. Hopefully we will be able to stop the meds in January. So far she has done beautifully with no shaking. Prior to the meds she was a sad little camper with very very severe tremors to the point of not being able to hold herself up. The tremors would decrease when she slept but bad at all other times and also sever panting would occur. Hope this helps you to know the symptoms and the treatment. My vet was able to give me copies of printed articles in his journals.
Cathy W. 12-20-97
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