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Multiple questions

by Lydia/Pepper

Pepper is 6 months now & will be neutered on Wed. This will be an "outpatient" operation & he will return home later that afternoon. Is there anything special I should be aware of upon his return home re: will he be in pain? will he have any special need until he recovers? Any information you can provide will be helpful. Also, we are in PA & it is a beautiful sunny day (bye-bye winter) I have Pepper tied outside will a long rope (long enough to reach lawn for doing his business) he also has food/water, crate, toys and carpet to lay on. Is it safe to keep him out there? I know they are generally house dogs, but I thought he'd enjoy the fresh air.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hello, I do not know much about Malteses other than what I have encountered with my dog Sasha. We live in Colorado and she loves to go outside. If it is cold and she does not like it she lets me know that she wants back in or that she does not want to go out at all. As I said I dont know much but I thought that may help. As for you dog getting neutered, when Sasha was spayed she just wanted love and to lay next to me or be held. I hope this helps.

Like Pepper, my Bogie loves the outdoors. I often tie him out, but I keep a close eye. My neighbor's dog bit Bogie last year while we were on a walk. My dog was leashed, but the other dog charged us from out of nowhere. Neighbor paid the vet bill, but I cannot trust that dog. My point is, the Maltese are so small and spunky that they may take on any wild or tame animal! Perhaps your yard is fenced. In that case, put Pepperout as often as possible! Watch for fleas!

Hello, Lydia and Pepper!,Jazz is 6 months old too, and he is going to be neutered tomorrow (April 7),also on out-patient. He will be getting a couple of stubborn puppy teeth pulled at the same time. I'm really glad you asked this question about special post-surgical care...I'd like to know, too. Anyway, I will let you know on Tuesday (the 8th) how he seems to be, if you think that will help you know what you might anticipate.
Marsha O/Jazz

Your vet will give you a sheet after the surgery. If he does not ask for one. Prior to surgery they usually do not want them to eat or drink after midnight the night before. After surgery, they ask that you keep your dog inside for 72 hours and keep a close eye on them. Watch to be sure he does not bite at the site of the surgery. My dog had a sick stomach after the surgery and so I watched him very closely. I gave him chipped ice, not water for the first 8 hours. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, be sure he does not jump off of the bed. I never tie my dogs out unless we are visiting someone and I am right there with them. They can be attacked by other dogs, or animals. They can become tangled in the tie and hurt themselves. Be sure to sit with your pup when he is on a tie.

After Biscuit was spayed, she was obesssed with chewing on the stitches, which the Doctor strongly urged against. So to protect the area, a made my own little contraption. I took a large, stretched out cotton sock and cut the foot part out so it looked like a tube and slipped that around her little body covering the stitched area. Since it was stretched out, there was no pressure on the area. I took it off occasionally so air could get at it, but most of the time she had it on. That worked well for us. I hope things go well.
Claire-Biscuit's Mom

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